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As TRAI has limited the number of messages you can send every day, we need to find another way out of this. 160by2.com, a free text message service provider on the internet, is offering a downloadable J2ME mobile application which allows its users to send free text messages from cell phones throughout India. It is very easy and convenient and helps you to stay connected even if you step out and don’t have any free SMS balance. The only things that you need to access 160by2 on your mobile are an active GPRS connection which is only to access via GPRS and a J2ME MIDP2 device.


Verify Your Phone’s Compatibility

If you have a compatible phone, then simply go to this link through your mobile’s web browser and download the 160by2 mobile application. But if your mobile phone is incompatible and does not meet the minimum requirements to install this application, you can still access your 160by2 account through your phone’s web browser. The file that you need to download is just 28KB and it’s pretty easy to install too. Plus you get a familiar look on your mobile just like the web version of 160by2 along with added features which promises an even more enticing texting experience on your mobile.

Install 160by2 Mobile Application through Your Mobile Phone

  1. Firstly you need to ensure that your phone has a GPRS connection.
  2. Now go to this link and login.
  3. Fill out the installation queries and download and install the application.

Install 160by2 Mobile Application through Your PC

  1. First of all, you need to login to your account to download.
  2. Now you can select your mobile from a list and start downloading the .jad and .jar files.
  3. Get these files transported to your phone and install the application.

The 160by2 Mobile Application Features

  • Send 145 characters long text messages text messages from your mobile phone.160by2-Mobile-App
  • You can forward more than 5000 free templates to your contacts.160by2-Mobile-App
  • Access your cell phone’s phone book, inbox and outbox.
  • You can upload, update and backup your phone book and 160by2 contacts.160by2-Mobile-App


The 160by2 Mobile Application offers two types of messaging services. The user can choose between services with a GPRS connection and without a GPRS connection.

Send SMS with GPRS Connection

160by2 Mobile Application offers the “Via GPRS” feature which allows the users to send text messages free of cost from their GPRS enabled mobile phones. The additional features of this service include:

  • The user can access all of his contacts from his SIM card or phone memory and 160by2.com account.
  • The user does not need to login every time he or she wants to access the 160by 2 Mobile Application and send texts. Even if the user exits the application, it keeps the user logged in to his account until he logs out.
  • The users are allowed to upload, backup and update their phone book on 160by2 account.

Send SMS without GPRS Connection

If you don’t have GPRS connection on your mobile, you still need not to worry. Now you still can enjoy the messaging services. The 160by2 Mobile Application now comes with a feature called “Via SMS” which allows its users to send text messages anywhere in India even if they don’t have GPRS connection on their mobile phones. The additional features offered by 160by2 are:

  • The user authentication is done with the help of their mobile numbers. So the user doesn’t even have to login to his 160by2 account.
  • The user can send texts up to 10 recipients at once but the application will charge only for a single SMS as per the current tariff plan.

This article was last updated on January 20th, 2012 in Mobile

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