17 Most Stunning Photoshop Face Effects

Learning Adobe Photoshop had always been fun for designers. Several designers became Adobe Photoshop fan first and then later designer. No doubt that Adobe Photoshop brings in several amazing photo editing capabilities as well as it is able to create superb effects on artificial photos. All that it needs is to be operated by efficient hands. When en expert uses Adobe Photoshop you get to know that something amazing will be on your desk in no time.

Adobe Photoshop Face Effects

One of the greatest effects one could get from Adobe Photoshop is the stunning face effects which makes several photos funny and gives real life to the others. Face effects in Adobe Photoshop are presented with eminent details and is rendered with high quality in modern machines. Though the rendering of high definition face effects are somewhat dependent on the advanced configurations of your graphics system, Adobe Photoshop is capable to bring realistic effects on common desktop systems as well.

So here are 17 most stunning Photoshop face effect tutorials – 

1. Mold Paint Splatter on Face

Checkout the tutorial here.

2. Broken Rock Texture Effect

This particular face effect gives you the feel of a face engraved within an old cave or mountain.


Checkout the tutorial here.

3. The Zombie Effect

Turn your face into a Zombie with some resemblance to human face structure.

Checkout the tutorial here.

4. The Waterfall Effect

How will your face look when you have a living waterfall on your face which drains right from your forehead to your chick?


Checkout the tutorial here.

5. The Horror Face

Get scared of these faces? Now create then on your own and enjoy the fun.

Checkout the tutorial here.

6. Really Scared

This is how you look when you get really really scared of the ghosts?

scared manipulation

Checkout the tutorial here.

7. The Cracked Face Effect

This is what happens when a human face gets cracked after being hammered heavily.

Checkout the tutorial here.

8. The Alien Effect

Turn any of your friends into aliens and make the fun much more interesting.

Checkout the tutorial here.

9. Vector Composite Effect on face

How about a vector effect on your face which makes the face feel like a tiger face?


Checkout the tutorial here.

10. The Clown Effect

Here is the amazing clown effect which can be portrayed as the funny character in the circus or the stereotype in bad movies.

Checkout the tutorial here.

11. Age Old Camera Picture Effect

Image your picture was taken 100 years ago when the camera used to be a very big one and the cameraman used to insert his head within a black curtain behind the camera.


Checkout the tutorial here.

12. The Skull Face Effect

Here you can checkout the scary skull effect on the face which depicts how a person’s skull will look like.

Checkout the tutorial here.

13. Tattoo Face

Apply as much as tattoos on your face and make look like the cool rappers. You can also it look like a mind freak murderer.


Checkout the tutorial here.

14. The Retro Effect

This amazing Photoshop face effect creates a retro effect on your face and making it famous for everyone to notice, even on the walls of the streets.

Checkout the tutorial here.

15. The Old Age Effect

This is how you will look when you will get 100 years old and your will play with your grand kids.

Checkout the tutorial here.

16. Face Shattering Effect

Feel the moment the earth is getting destructed and you face is getting shattered due to heavy explosion. Nice tutorial from 10 Steps.

Checkout the tutorial here.

17. The Digital Face

Here is the digitalization of your face when it will be in the year of 2050 and all security systems will work with your digital image of the face.

Checkout the tutorial here.

So tell us which is your favorite effect that you love to spray on your friends face photos and make fun of them.

This article was last updated on June 9th, 2014 in Adobe Photoshop

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