7 methods to make money online

First of all put this in your mind that there is no way to earn money without working. Many of you think that they can make money online instantly and live a luxurious life, but its not true. Today, there are lots of ways to earn money especially on internet.


Making money on internet is sounds to easy if you hear it first time, but its not really an easy work. Today, money lies on the internet, you just need to find the correct job and work for it. There is so many ways to earn money online, I am sharing 10 steps to make money online:

1. Create your own blog or website:

Today, blogs are making huge money. For this you need to create your own blog by signing for free at blogger.com or you can have your own self hosted wordpress blog. If you are thinking to create your 1st blog then dont forgot to read our services page. Once you have your own blog, put ads from Google adsense or adbrite. You can make money if anyone click on your ads. After putting ads on your blog, write quality contents and promote your contents in social bookmarking sites, like digg.com and twitter.

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2. Sell your art works online:

If you are a designer or web-developer then you can sell your art works online. You can sell anything, themes related to blogger, wordpress, vbulletin, phpbb etc. Even you can put your artwork on ebay. You can try because its very easy to make money with your artistic side.

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3. Help others sell online:

You canĀ  ask your friends or family to sell something for them. By selling others products you can ask for a percentage of the profit of course. For this you can use ebay and Amazon.com.

4. Create a classified ads website:

If you have a website or blog, you can put up your own classified ads right in your website by using pre-installed tools or by using wordpress blog Ads plugins. If your blog is getting thousands of readers, then you can offer classified ads.

5. Tutoring Service Online:

If you are tutor then you can put up an ad in Craigslist.com or in your blog or website offering a lesson online. You can do this by Private or set up a private class.

6. Write Online and earn extra cash:

If you are a blogger, then you might interested in writing articles. You can write articles for others too, for this they will pay you. You can write anything like help guides or simple articles.

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