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Adblock, the most popular firefox extension is now available for Google Chrome browser as well. Adblock Chrome plus blocks all advertisements on all websites. You can even block ads on Facebook and youtube. With add on filter, your browser is automatically updated. Click install and visit the webpage you want to surf and ads disappears.

Adblock plus google

Adblock Chrome Plus is for annoyance free web surfing. “The most popular Chrome extension, with over 2 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.”

Adblock Chrome Plus

  • Blocks all ads on all websites
  • Even blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube
  • Helps to browse faster and safer.


How to install Adblock Plus for Chrome

Go to the page and click the link.

You’ll get a warning

warning message

Click on ‘continue’. Then confirm that you want to install Adblock plus

Adblock plus installation

Click on to ‘Install’


Now you can see a notification telling that your Adblock Plus has been successfully installed in your browser.


Next, you have to configure it. For that, choose ‘Extensions’ from the Window menu


You might see many extensions. But, what we want here is

Choose the below extension

Click on to ‘Option’. You can see what it can do and then click on to ‘General’. You’ll bet standard configure choice.

Click on options

You can get latest release information of Adblock Plus from :


If you have any problem while installing Ad Block plus, then restart Chrome or click “update now” option in the Adblock plus.

If you found bugs or need any help click on you can get more details by clicking

Adblock Plus dose not infringe on privacy. You will get a warning for all extensions that modify WebPages. For Adblock plus also the same occurs.

  • You can add tracking protection to Adblock Plus
  • You can block Youtube ads
  • Block Facebook from tracking you

Adblock Chrome Plus is as effective as Firefox. Adblock Plus is with more than 100 million downloads and is the most popular browser add – on in the world. It is a great extension and you won’t have any troubles with it at all.

This article was last updated on July 7th, 2012 in Google Chrome

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