Adblock vs Adblock Plus

The word about Google Chrome has been over the browser market for quite some time now. Another one of the Google popular internet releases are housed inside the Chrome explorer itself. The Chrome Web Store is one such place where one can find a lot of useful tools which makes going online a pleasure.

One such popular item from the catalogue is the Adblock and adblock plus extensions. The two are designed extensions with the aim of making the online space much more clean in terms of lesser ads and to make the content shine out instead of being masked by advertisements.

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Adblock vs Adblock Plus

  • Basic User Interface: Both the chrome extensions having over 1,000,000+ users on the web today. Both being out on the chrome web store have an identical work and design interface. The two are seen to have most of the similar functions and are found to be utilizing the same ground rules.
  • Background: The Adblock Plus was in fact an extension released for Firefox. But later on was included in Chrome Web Store after looking at the kind of traffic and popularity it was gaining. Adblock was an independent release by another developer on the same grounds as the Adblock Plus to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Installation Process: The Adblock Plus installation is quite easy and hassle free; so is the case with Adblock, but just one shortcoming on the professional side is that a window pops up while installation prompting to donate to developer
  • Speed: Adblock does seem to slow down the browser while handling multiple tabs. Where as in case of Adblock Plus, the beta testing facility is fixing most of the problems real time and the problem of speed hasn’t yet been a major shortcoming.
  • Banned Ad Block: Talking business, both the extensions are seen to perform in the same level following similar architecture to block out unwanted and advertising content online.

According to the study done by FreewareGenuis, here are the demographics for Adblock vs Adblock Plus –


So to draw out the final version of the article, the idea is clear that both the extensions work with sole aim of filtering content. And with Adblock being the first up on Web store, the users are satisfied with its performance. Adblock plus being in beta release has scope of changes and improvements and in some ways like the installation and speed is superior to the other. Thus  choosing the right extension would be a close call as both work similar and have little differences, yet Adblock Plus is considered superior.

Install Adblock Plus on your Google Chrome.

Alternatively Adblock is also available here.

This article was last updated on January 12th, 2012 in Google Chrome

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