How to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Using PhpMyAdmin

The usage of WordPress as an enterprise level Content Management System has increased the number of spammers wanting to take control of the system through multiple user registrations. Spam registrations on WordPress blogs has been on the increase these days. This is mostly because of the automated scripts that allow users to register several fake IDs at once. You can, nevertheless use a walk around to stop these unwanted user registrations. Blocking these registrations also increase the security of your WordPress blog. The work around involves using the phpMyAdmin database configuration console. You will require the database username and password to access this particular console. The phpMyAdmin console can be accessed using the Cpanel link provided to you by the hosting provider.

Disable User Registration on WordPress from PhpMyAdmin

Follow these step by step instructions to disable users from registering to your WordPress blog:

  • Open Cpanel
  • Select phpMyAdmin under the Database menu
  • Choose your blog’s database from the different databases available
  • Select wp_options


  • Select Edit icon on users_can_register


  • Select No in the dialog box provided as shows in the above image


  • Click Go

Now you have successfully disabled user registrations on your blog.

To check if you have completed the procedure correctly, log in to the blog and try registering as a new user; you will get an error message which means the user registrations have been blocked on this blog. Enabling this feature also ensures that you do not receive any comments from unknown sources and users.

Points to Remember

You have to remember that to implement this trick you need to have administrative access to the WordPress blog you want to enable this feature on, you also need the log in credentials for Cpanel and the database of the blog. Ensure that you do not tamper with any other database elements because that may lead to unexpected errors creeping into your WordPress system.

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