Download Portable Windows Media Player 12 for XP and Vista

One of the most favorite and successful applications of Microsoft is Windows Media Player. Everyone is familiar and is accustomed to the media player and that is why everyone waits for its next release to witness it advancements.

I hope we all are aware of the fact that the Windows Media Player 12 is the latest and final version of the Media Player and it has been first released in October 2008. This comes embedded in Windows 7 and it is available only to those users who are using Windows 7 as their Operating Systems. Eventually Windows Media Player 12 has come up with latest features since it is an advanced version over the previous one. So, while all the Windows 7 users are enjoying all the latest features of Windows Media Player 12, Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems users were deprived of getting flavor of Windows Media Player 12. Now the question is what can be done for Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems? And here is the solution:

Portable Windows Media Player 12

A Deviant-Art user has finally solved this issue and has brought out the portable Windows Media Player 12, which can be used in Windows XP as well as in Vista.

This Portable Windows Media player 12 has all the latest features which is incorporated in Windows Media Player 12 including the audio management system. This management system is for file categorization and reproduction. It has radio tuner as well and you can also copy the files from the CD to your hard disk too. Different Skins are available so that you can customize the interface as you wish. Here in the snapshot below, you can have closer look at the Portable Windows Media Player 12’s interface.

It has been developed to be compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). The best part is that it ensures smooth running and consumes less RAM. Also, you can find an enhanced performance of the graphical interface.

Now I hope that you have understood what Portable Windows Media Player 12 can offer you if you are Windows XP or Vista Operating System user, you are just one step away to get your favorite player. If you wish to have a trial on this media player just click here.

That’s it. You have your all new Portable Windows Media Player 12 on your desktop/laptop.

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