Download Two Windows 7 Boot Screen for XP

Windows 7 has cutting edge over Windows Vista and Windows XP in terms of thorough make over of taskbar, called Jump List and system tray as well, context sensitive menus, wonderful and sensible interface unlike XP/Vista, sidebar and gadgets sit directly on the desktop, backup and restore to the external network devices, IE8 with smart screen filter which blocks dangerous websites and with trace enabled facility, four level of security, quality device management supporting wide range of devices from tiny flash drives to network laser printer, USB, Wi-Fi etc. Windows Vista was never the worthy successor of Windows XP while Windows 7 is. Now it’s your time to move from Windows XP to Windows 7. Before accepting Windows 7 you can have a test drive of the same. It’s been already there in market and so many people have welcomed this putting good review comments.

Now it’s your turn to take your decision after using Beta version of Windows 7 on the top of Windows XP. I am going to guide you how it can be done in easy steps:

Download Windows 7 Beta Version

At first you have to download Windows 7 Beta Version from the internet. You may download it from Microsoft’s official site or any other sites. Download links are given below:

Burn it to a DVD/ Create USB flash drive

For your information Motherboards allow you to boot your system from DVDs/CDs/USB Flash Drives. So you have to get set up for Windows 7 in either DVD or USB pen drive.  In our previous topics we have come across how to install Windows OS from USB drive. For our convenience we will consider DVD as our media to install Windows 7. After downloading Windows 7 Beta Version you have to burn the ISO to a DVD using Nero or Ashampoo Burning software.

Partition your Hard Drive in XP

Before installing Windows 7 you need to have minimum system requirements (64 bit processor with 1 GHz speed, 2GB RAM and 16GB of Hard Disk Drive) for Windows 7 available in your system. To avail that you need to create partition in your Hard Disk Drive in XP.

It can be accomplished in two ways. You may choose to go with one between any of these options:

  1. Using DISKPART from command prompt:
    1. First go to Start.
    2. Click on Run.
    3. Type cmd and a command prompt will open.
    4. In the command prompt type diskpart and enter.diskpart1
    5. Then type list volume.diskpart2
    6. Then type select volume 1(as Os is generally installed in C: drive).
    7. At last type shrink.diskpart3
    8. Type exit to come out of diskpart.
    9. Using Third party partitioning software

At first you have to download some third party open source partitioning tool. Lot of options is available, but here we preferred to use GParted. First you have to download this software from net at free of cost and you have burn the same to CD.

Now we will see the steps that have to be performed:

  1. Start to boot your system using this GParted partitioning CD.gparted1
  2. Resize the volume of the Drive to have space as per Windows 7 system requirements where currently XP is installed. The image is self-explanatory.gparted2
  3. Now create the new partition by clicking Resize/Move button.gparted3
  4. Save all the changes to get it new partition created for installing Windows 7.

Install Windows 7

So far what you have done was a tough and tedious job. Now installing Windows 7 on your new partition is pretty much easy job.

You have to perform the following steps in order to get Windows 7 installed.

  1. Insert Windows 7 disc into your DVD Drive.
  2. Reboot your system by pressing any key when prompted Press any key from the disc.
  3. Navigate through simple installation wizard.
  4. Select Custom (advanced) installation option.install_win7
  5. Select the newly created partition to install Windows 7 OS in that partition. Caution:  select the correct partition otherwise your existing OS with all data will be overridden.location
  6. Define all configuration parameters, enter your license key to set up your account in windows 7.The entire set-up process will take approximately 20minutes to complete.
  7. Shut Down and Restart the system.
  8. While restarting you will get two options viz (“Windows 7” and “Earlier Version of Windows” which is Windows XP) with the boot menu. Choose “Windows 7” to see the homepage of Windows 7.install_win7_2

Now you should have two Windows7 Boot Screen for Windows XP and hence you get new operating systems without uninstalling your existing operating system.

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