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Microsoft has been in the technological arena since years and people have loved every release and product from them. Microsoft gave us different versions of Windows and its efforts in serving us remains commendable. We all know that Microsoft’s last release from the Operating System desk (Windows 7) has been a huge hit and everyone is eagerly waiting for their next release i.e. Window 8 Operating System.

Since, its release is taking time Microsoft has released a video on Windows 8 touch interface. It can be seen that this version of Windows will take the world of computing to the next level. So, while we are eagerly waiting to watch the release of Windows 8 OS, we have something interesting for you here. We have brought out some of the beautiful wallpapers for you. Though they are unofficial, we are sure you will definitely like them. Check out here.

Amazing Windows 8 WallpapersWP1

WP2WP3WP4WP5WP6WP7WP8WP9WP10WP11WP12WP13WP14WP15WP16WP17WP18WP19Hope you have liked them. We will keep you posted more on this here.

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