Download Windows Seven Transformation Pack 4.0

Earlier I have introduced Windows Seven Transformational pack 2.0 which do support Windows XP as well as Vista. Well Windows X have released another version of its Windows Seven Transformation i.e v4.0. With v4.0 you can transform your entire user interface, including a 7-themed Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style, as well as new icons, wallpapers and more.

Seven Transformation Pack 2.0 was only available for XP and Vista too. The latest version v4.0 Support XP x64 Edition and Windows Vista (x86/x64).


Transformation Pack Features:

1. Boot screen

2. Welcome Screen or Logon Screen

3. New msstyles files (visual styles)

4. New desktop and file icons

5. New toolbar icons

6. Progress Dialogs

7. Sounds scheme

8. System Tray icons

9. New Wallpapers

10. Some Windows 7 popular features

Download Options:

Download the Seven transformation pack 4.0 | Mirror

Download the Seven transformation pack 2.0

Download the Seven transformation pack 1.0

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