Top 20 Best Online Logo Makers


Logos are an important part of any business. So here we give you some of the best sites that have been handpicked to provide you the best online logo design services to you.

1. LogoWorks

This site is sponsored by HP and has some of the best names in the industry. Some of the features of this site and its services are:

a. Design your logos within minutes
b. Simple and interactive interface for better understanding and creativity
c. Professional original looking designs that has been developed by the in house and freelance team of the website
d. More than thousands of designs to choose from or you can get a customized design for your business
e. More than 45000 satisfied customers worldwide and still going strong
f. Money back guarantee that is a sure shot way for customer satisfaction
g. Almost all multiple formats are supported and can be exported to
h. Also design websites, Business cards, Marketing Brochures and many more
i. Customer care support just in case you need some assistance about your business


This is a free graphics tool that help you to create the logos for your company without involving any designing or finishing. Some of its features are:

a. Easy customization of existing designs or templates to create a new one. It is similar to editing a template for your website
b. No registration required. Simply visit the site, select the best possible combination for your business and that’s it!
c. Extensive collection of fonts and designs that are available free
d. Also customize the color, shape and design simply with just few clicks
e. Various button and font designs are also available
f. Free online graffiti creator tool for button designing
g. Free logo designer tool is available for download for offline designing of logos

To design logo using Cooltext click here


This is can be another attractive option to make and design logos. The following points will illustrate this:

a. Simple and easy to use interface that can easily create and edit logos
b. An attractive options Self-service option which is paid option which includes suggestions and add appropriate styles to your logo images
c. Image Calculator which determines apt style and layout for your logo
d. Multiple format export
e. Other rich resources like Business Card logo Designer, Logo Maker, Graphic Design Logo, etc. are also available for purchase
f. The logos are designed and organized according to the particular industry to which your business or site belongs

To design logo using LogoYes click here


This is a free logo designing website that helps you save money on the designing and production of the logos when you can design or modify an existing one. Its features are:

a. Simple and easy to use interactive interface
b. Thousands of Design Possibilities Exist
c. Multiple format export of logos
d. Choose from hundreds of logos and images that are hosted for free.
e. The logo design categories have been carefully designed so that design can become more appealing to you and can connect your business better with it

To design logo using LogoEase click here


Another excellent Free Logo Editor and Creator. The logos designed can be used as email signatures and watermarks on your websites. Some noteworthy points are:

a. You can create logo with your name or any other credentials on it
b. Number of tools like JavaScript counters, Mouse hover, etc. is available which you can use either free or by purchasing the license of it
c. Also design websites, bot images, font, button and clip art
d. Thousands of designs to choose from

To design logo using FlamingText click here


This professional site offers its free as well paid services like logo designing, business card designs and other stationary. Some points are;

a. Thousands of designs to choose from
b. Multiple image format export and output
c. Simple and interactive What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface
d. Large number of effects are available that can be applied
e. Commercial tools for offline designing along with their demo are available also

To design logo using LogoSmartz click here

The Logo Creator

This is another attractive website that offers an entire suite of tools that can be used to design logo, business cards, stationary, websites and much more. Some of its points are

a. Multiple image format support and easy export to a variety of them
b. WYSIWYG editor
c. Easy to import and export Graphics, Text and Fonts from different sources
d. Extensive online help and support “Hub”
e. Commercial available tools are available at only $29

To design logo using Logo Creator click here


Some of its features are:

a. No Registration required
b. Simply select the layout, type in your name and then pick up the color and font
c. Choose from more than 500 logos that are available in the site’s database
d. You can design buttons for your website also

To design logo using Logodesignengine click here

AAA logo

This is another professional site that has the following features:

a. Choose from variety of designs and color combination
b. Transparency feature
c. Simple and easy to understand menus and interface
d. Number of design and gradient options
e. AAA logo software is available for offline editing and designing for free

To design logo using AAA logo click here


This well designed and professional looking site offers various services to starting from simple business card to sophisticated website designs and business emails. This site is one stop solution to all your business needs. Some of the highlights of its works are:

a. Professional Looking Logos
b. Product previewing of logo
c. Choose from a variety of font and design combination
d. Number of color schemes and combination available
e. Site claims to have designed more than 1 million designs for its variety of customers worldwide
f. Marketing Solutions like Networking, SEO, etc. are also offered by the company
g. Sign ages like banners, posters, bumper stickers, stands and much much more can be designed
h. Business essentials like Letterhead, Envelopes, Pens and Appointment Cards can be designed also
i. The website is also recognized by its eco friendly measures and environment friendly policies

To design logo using Vistaprint click here

11. LogoSnap

Another free, fast and professional site for logo design. Some of its features are:

a. Create and design your logos in just four easy steps which are designed in such a way so that you can design it easily
b. Professional looking logos
c. Create personalized logos and business cards within few minutes
d. Multiple image format export that is fit for doing any kind of professional printings
e. The design categories are made according to your profession or the type of the business for which you want a logo
f. Trademark registration services are also provided to make sure that nobody uses or steals your name

12. Glitterizer

This simple site glitterizes your custom message. Some of the points describing it are:

a. Extensive collection of styles and glitter animations to choose from
b. Quick logo creation
c. No registration required
d. Highly simple and easy to use

13. Pc Man

Another free website that is known for its 3D logo styles and banners.

a. Mainly used for creation of 3D logos
b. Previewing window is provided to see the effects of various parameters
c. Choose from an extensive collection of various color schemes, fonts and images
d. Besides, there are a number of useful links to various flash games

14. Free Logo Services

Some of its features are:

a. Create logo in three simple easy steps
b. A vast collection to choose from
c. Mostly used in open sourced projects and by the community

15. LogoMaker

This site is powered by HP and boasts of more than ten thousand images in its repository. Some of the features are:

a.Professional Looking Logos and designs that are designed by in house team of freelance designers of the company
b.Simple and easy to use online tools that will help you to choose the best combination of color and font for your logo
c.Commercial options also available along with 100% money back guarantee
d.Simple four step procedure that involves the selection of image followed by designing and detailing of it. The final step involves the exporting of logo into suitable format so that it can be printed professionally.
e.Trademarking of the logo can also be done for only $49 and as a bonus feature; your logo will be easily converted for printing on t-shirts and pens.

16. LogoDesignWorks

Another Award winning site that offers free as well paid professional premium designs. Some of the features are:

a.A vast collection of designs to choose from
b.Professional looking designs that have been extensively designed, reviewed and enhanced by the team of freelance designers worldwide
c.Tips and tutorials have been provided so that you can design your logos with ease
d.You can buy logo designs and concept ideas from the site for $197.
e.Besides this you can also opt for various packages related to website designing concepts and mascot designing for businesses
f.Multiple image format export
g.Extensive customer support services

17. TemplatesBox

The site is basically based on website designing but this section deals with the logo designing and offers a minimal set of services here. Some of them are:

a.Vast Collection of designs to choose from
b.Stunning image galleries

18. 48Hourslogo

This is another customization website that has the following services:

a. Offers Paid as well as free services to the customers
b.The website is an important platform for you to hold logo designing competitions and you can see various design submissions from various designers in different parts of the world
c.You can start a competition for only $29

19. 3D logo Online

This professional logo designing site offers paid logo designing services only. Some of its features are:

a. Three packages are offered namely: Gold, Silver and Bronze. These packages offer design concepts along with photo shopped images that are selected from the various sources.
b. Cost Effective services
c.Quality assured in its services and products

20. PDLogo

This is another professional site that has been in this business for some time now. Some of the points in its honor are:

a.A dedicated team of designers and experts that make sure that your logo visually reflect your business and identity
b.More than 3000 designs to choose from
c.Besides this you can also opt for their other services like stationary designing, mascot designing, etc.

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