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Everyone across the world is aware of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter’s Seven Series. Everyone from kids to Elder people, everyone loved these series. But, unfortunately every good thing has to end some day and now that Harry potter series has ended, people will really miss the characters, the plot, magic and of course the famous Quiditch game. So, the game developers have come up with a lot of creativity and brought out the events in the tales as Games. You can now play them online. So, let us check the games that are offered. Harry1


The following games are a part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is the fourth part. The following are the games played as a part of Tri-wizard tournament.

Grab the Golden Egg

This will be the first task of the tournament. You will have to face some of the dangerous dragons to grab the golden egg them. Can you do it?

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Underwater Wizardry

This is the second round of this tournament. Dive into the deep water and face the dangerous creatures. Save your friends and be the underwater wizards.

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Enchanted Maze

So you have made it to the finals. Can you get through the maze? Can you grab Tri- wizard trophy.

In the final challenge of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, get through the maze and you win.

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This is the famous Potter game. Harry is the best seeker. And, why not help him in winning the game against the rivals— Slytherine. You have the options for Chaser, Beater, Keeper and Seeker.  So, get ready for a real game here.

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Homing Hippogriffs

Everyone’s aware of Hagrid’s love for magical creatures. So, help him in care of magical creatures’ class.

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The Whomping Willow Game

Have you tried the whomping willow game? Get to the base of the tree, by avoiding the swinging branches..

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Knight Bus Driving

Get into the triple-decker bus and steer around the streets of London.

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Escape from the Dursleys

Remember Ron’s flying car? Get into the Ford Anglia of the Weasley family and steer over the London streets.

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Patronus Game

Can you cast the Patronus? Why not try the game and test your memory. Test your own memory in this game and see if you can cast a Patronus.

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Herbology Game

Have you seen the screeching Mandrakes in the Potter movie? Why not try cultivating Mandrake on your own?

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Staircase Game

It is lovely to watch the stairs changing, but wait, can you make it to your dormitory? Try it.

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Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are to predict your future, why not aster the art of using crystal balls on your own.

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Knockturn Alley

Escape from the hands of dangerous Voldemort. You will play the character of Harry, while the dark lord is trying to seek revenge on you.  The faster you escape, the more points you get. Check out how far you can escape.

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Create a Hogwarts Student

Ever felt like joining Hogwarts, and then why not try to create your own Hogwarts character. Design the way you like, dress up the way you want and wear your favorite accessories.

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Fly on the high hills and do the tricks with your broom..

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The Lost Galleons

So it is Ron birthday and you (Harry) want to surprise him with a gift, but Peeves, the apparition has stolen all the money and scattered it all around the passages in Hogwarts. Get back the money and try to buy a present for Ron.

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Skrewts Alerts

Hagrid’s love for magical creatures is well-known but this time his pets are terrorizing the whole Hogwarts. Can you stop the havoc?

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