FREE Softwares to Compress MP3 Songs

Have you ever tried to compress or Reduce the size of your MP3 Files? If not then now you can do, You can compress or reduce the size of any MP3 Files by changing its Bitrate. These software primarily serves the purpose of converting the bitrate of MP3 collection into intuitive and simple way. This way it can reduce the size of file to a great extent, though the quality of audio remains intact.

Hence, it is clear that you can load more music on MP3 player or you can use this software just for saving some space of disk. A utility named MP3 Quality Modifier, It can reduce the Bitrate of your Mp3 Files. This utility comes for FREE.

Features of MP3 Quality Modifier

  1. The Quality of MP3 is changed in just a few clicks.
  2. It can retain original file date as well as id3 tags such as artist, title etc.
  3. It has simple and intuitive interface.
  4. Advanced options include sample frequency, detailed variable bitrate mode and so on
  5. It compares created files with original, hence concluding quality comparison is possible with it.
  6. This software is extremely small and needs no installation. You can simple execute it.

Here I have tried to Compress a MP3 Size. The original size is 7.7 MB. After compressing its size becomes to 1.08 MB.

Lets see how.

1) Choose any Mp3 File of your choice.


2) Change the Bitrate from Rate Option.

FREE Softwares to compress MP3 Songs

3) After that click on Start process.

MP3 Quality Modifier Utility

4) Final Results. Below you can see a MP3 of size 7.7 MB is compressed to 1.08 MB only.

Softwares to compress MP3 Songs

Download Free Software to compress MP3 files

You can get MP3 Compressor Utility software from following link:

MP3 Quality Modifier for FREE

Blaze Media

Monkey’s Audio

Free Audio Editor


Diet MP3

MP3 Compressor

So now you have the great resource of sizing down the fat MP3 files into pocket size files without compromising much with the quality of the audio. Use these tools and let us know which one worked best for you.

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