50 Best Google Chrome Plugins and Extensions

In general terms a plugin sometimes also called as addon is a small computer program that is used to interact with a host application like web browser or email client to provide various functions. Google Chrome plugins are the plugins which are used in Google chrome web browser to provide additional functionality.

Chrome Plugins

Although there are millions of Chrome Plugins or extensions present, but I would like to tell you about Top 50 such plugins which are really helpful.

1. Facebook Photo Zoom :facebook_photo_zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom is a simple google chrome extension which integrates directly into Facebook. After installation it allows you to zoom any image on facebook that is you can zoom images present in photo albums as well profile photos.


2. AdBlock :ad blocker

It is an amazing extension for google chrome which allows you to block all the advertisements on nearly every web page. After installing this extension or plugin when you open any web page, this extension automatically detects the ad scripts and block them from loading thereby enabling the user to browser the web pages without any ads.


3. Google Mail Checker :

google mail

After installing this extension a small mail button appear near the url bar on the right hand side of the web browser which display the number of unread messages in your gmail account and on clicking the button you will be redirected to your inbox.


4. IE Tab :

IE tab

You can use this extension to view web pages in chrome browser as if they are being opened in internet explorer only. This is useful because some sites can only be viewed using internet explorer. This is an amazing extension for web developers who want to test the IE rendering engine.


5. Download Master :

download master

Although default download manager of Google Chrome is quite good but if you still want some more advance download manger then download Master is the perfect extension for you. It makes it much easier to download files from the internet. You can easily send any download link to the download master which will download the required file.


6. Google Dictionary :

google dictionary

This extension is quite useful as you can view the definition of any word on a web page by just double clicking on that word. As soon as you double click on a word its definition will open in a small pop up bubble. You can also niew the complete definition of any word using the address bar dictionary. Best part is this extension also supports translation so that you can view the definition n many languages.




If you feel lazy to open downloads page in google chrome by going to tools option and then choosing downloads, then this extension is pa perfect solution for you. All you need to do is install this extension and after installation a button will appear near the address. You can click that button to simply open the downloads page.


8. Google Translate :


This extension can be used to translate any web page. After installing the extension a button is added to your browser toolbar. Click the translate button whenever you want to translate the web page. The extension can also detect different languages and a banner will appear if the language is different from what you set in your chrome preferences. Click on the translate button the banner to translate that web page.


9. Docs PDF/Powerpoint Viewer :

pdf powerpoint viewer

Now you don’t need to download any pdf or power point files in order to view them. You can simply view these files using this extension. After installing this extension you can preview pdf or power point files easily in Google Docs.


10. Panic Button :

panic button

Have you ever faced a situation where you need to hide all your tabs from anyone else in 1 second? IF yes then this is the perfect extension or chrome plugin for you. After installing this plugin a small button will appear on your toolbar, on clicking that button all your tabs will be hided in less that a second. Clicking again on that button will restore all your tabs. Now everyone knows there are some thing which many people want to hide from their brothers or sisters like images of their boy friend or girl friend, but what if if your are viewing them and suddenly your brother or sister steps in. You need to hide them as quickly as possible and panic button is expert solution for that situation.


11. Megaupload Download Helper :megaupload

Ever downloaded files from the file sharing website Megaupload? If yes, then you might know how tiring and disappointed is to wait first wait for the time limit and then click on download button to start your download. Now you can simply install this chrome plugin and whenever you want to download any file from megaupload again just visit the link and select regular download. This extension will automatically start the download after the time limit.

Though the Megaupload site is been banned by the FBI for copyright violations and other legal issues.


12. Stylish :stylish

This is one of the best extension according to me. This extension allows you to add themes to most popular social networking site facebook. Yes you read it right, you can add themes to facebook using this extension. There are over 100’s of themes available for downloading and installing. So choose the best theme according to your interests and likes.


13. ESPN cricinfo :

espn cric info

This extension is for all those cricket fans and lovers. This extension enables you to get latest cricket news, features and live scores of any on going match from the world’s leading cricket site espncricinfo.com.


14. Last pass :

This is a great security chrome plugin for chrome users. LastPass is an online password manager and Form Filler. You can use this extension to save all your passwords securely and can use its amazing feature of form filling to save a lot of time. It really makes your web surfing lot easier and secure.


15. Screen Capture :

screen capture

This plugin is quite useful when a user want to capture a web page as save it as a image. You can use this extension to capture visible content of a tab or a region of a web page. It can also be used to capture whole web page and save it as a PNG image. Best part is you can also edit your captured image before saving them.


16. Web Developer :

web developer

This is a perfect extension for the web developers. After installing this chrome plugin a button will be added to the toolbar with various web developer tools. So if you are a web developer den I personally recommend you to try this extension.


17. Slideshow :


Tired of seeing your images on Flickr in the normal way? If yes hen use this plugin to convert your flickr images into a slide show. Using this plugin you can turn your favorite photo sites such as Flickr, Picasa or even Facebook images into a slide show.


18. Chromed Bird :

chromed bird

Chromed Bird is a Chrome extension for managing your twitter account. It allows you to follow your time lines and interact with your Twitter account with much ease and on a click of a button.You can easily retweet others tweets, post your on tweets and much more.


19. Smiley Center :

smiley central

Now you can use new and innovative smiley’s in your facebook message, post and chat. You just need to install this extension and you can use tons of new smileys in your facebook updates.


20. Chrome Tv :

chrome tv

Chrome TV is free plugin to watch online TV direct from your google chrome browser. This extension offers more than 3,000 TV channels from all over the world. This extension is really simple to use with no registration or anything required. It is 100% safe and trusted extension. So now you can watch your favorite movie, sports and many other channels directly from your chrome web browser with a click of a button.


21. Auto HD play for Youtube :

auto hd for youtube

Now you can play all videos on youtube to run directly in HD. Of course if video is not available in HD then it cannot be played in HD. Rest all videos which can be played HD will be automatically played in HD by this amazing extension.


22. Flash Block :

flash block

This is very useful chrome plugin or extension which automatically blocks flash content on web pages.You can allow websites in which you want the flash content to load by listing them in the white list. Now many of you will ask whats the advantage of blocking the flash content. FlashBlock helps in lowering memory usage and can also be used as an alternative to adblock.


23. Smooth Gestures :smooth-gestures

Mouse Gestures extension is an useful plugin which allows you to move the mouse even while holding the right mouse button to trigger actions. It can be used for actions like page navigation or tab management. It also support click and scroll.


24. Facebook:


This extension allows you to your facebook news feed, wall, inbox and notifications. After installing this extension you can find a facebook icon on the tool bar, on clicking this icon you can access above mentioned features without even opening a separate tab.


25. Google Voice :

google voice

This is yet another amazing google chrome plugin. After installing this plugin you will get a small button on your toolbar, clicking on that button you can directly make calls using google voice. The button also displays number of unread messages in your google voice account and you can hear an audible alert on every new message. You can all initiate calls and send free SMS by just typing the contact name or number.


26. Speed Dial :

speed dial

Speed Dial is a fun extension for Chrome which replaces chrome new tab with your predefined visual bookmarks. You can create your own visual styles, use site logos as the speed dials or even customize dials thumbnail image. You can also edit dials title and url and much more.


27. Chrome SEO :google-chrome-seo-extensions

Chrome SEO is a great extension for website and blog owners in order to check their blog or website ranking and other SEO related stats. You can use this extension to check number of backlinks and pages indexed of any website in famous search engines. You can also check current alexa and compete rankings. Besides these features it also shows domain details like DNS, ip, whois, server location and much more. SO if you were looking for a SEO plugin for your chrome browser then this is best choice for you.


28. Goo.gl URL shortener :

goo.gl url shortener

Goo.gl url shortener is an extension for shortening website urls using google url shortener goo.gl. This extension also offers features such as auto copy from the clip board, url shortener history and much more.


29. Shareaholic :


This is a great plugin for users who want to share their post or web page on many social media and bookmarking sites. Using this extension you can share your links from within the browser from any web page. You can share your web page on Delicious, Digg and many more using this extension.


30. Speed Tracer :

speed tracer

Speed Tracer is an extension to help you identify and fix performance problems in your web applications. This application can be used to visualize metrics that are taken from low level instrumentation points inside of the browser and then analyze them as your application runs in order to find performance of your web application.


31. Resolution Test :

resolution test

Want to see how your website looks in different resolutions? If yes then this is the perfect extension for you. This extension can be used by users to test web pages in different screen resolutions. Best part is that you can also define your own resolutions. So now you can check how your site would actually look in different resolutions.


32. JavaScript Tester :

javascript tester

Using this extension you can run and test performance of a javascript code. This extension adds a small shortcut to your browser which is “Alt+J” by default. When you press “Alt+J”, new text area is added to the bottom of the current page where you can write the javascript code and then press “Ctrl+Enter” to run and test the code.


33. Lorem Ipsum Generator :

Lorem Ipsum Generator

You can use this extension to generates random Lorem Ipsum text.


34. Chrome Editor Lite :

chrome editor lite

This extension Provides the ability to edit html easily that too inside your google chrome web browser.


35. Upside Down :

upside down

This is a great extension for having some fun. You can use this extension to turn your web pages upside down. You can use this extension to play a prank on your friends by turning every web page upside down. For turning a web page up side down use WinKey+Semicolon. Again use the same combination to make the web pages normal again. You can use this plugin to turn entire web pages upside down or only images.


36. Snow :snow

This extension can be used to experience snowfall inside your google chrome web browser. After installing this plugin you can experience snowfall on each web page you open except for few which blocks the script. So install this amazing extension and have some fun with the snow flakes.


37. Evernote Web Clipper :web clipper

This app helps to save all the tabs and webpages and texts to the evernote account with just a single click.

38. Avalanche :avalanche

This extension is for gamers and for people who love to play flash games. After installing this extension you can play a falling icicles game. All you need to do is dodge the falling icicles and survive as long as possible. Sounds easy, right? Why don’t you try yourself and find out that it isn’t that easy as it sounds.


39. eBay Extension :


This amazing google chrome plugin allows you to keep a track of your eBay activity wherever you are on the web. It is the official eBay extension for google chrome. It is a a free and safe extension with a aim to provide better buying and selling experience to the users.


40. Weather Bug :

weather bug

Want to know what is current weather condition in your area or want to know the weather forecast? Then this plugin is quite useful for you. This extension provides weather information of locations around the world. It offers feature such as local weather conditions, detailed weather forecasts, severe weather alerting and much more. Now you can plan your weekend easily by keeping in mind the weather conditions on the weekend using the weather forecast option.


41. All Mangas Reader :all_mangas_reader

How many of you are manga fans? Seriously I am a huge manga fan and my favorite mangas are bleach and naruto. This extension is a perfect solution for all mangas readers and fans as it allows you to follow updates of your favorite mangas easily.


42. Magic Input Filter :magic input filter

This app helps fills data on the internet for forms, reviews and lot more stuff with great ease. this fills forms and fields with type of input. So we don’t have to manually input all data into the form. It is helpful for most web developers.


43. Click and Clean :click and clean

This is really an useful extension for google chrome users. It allows you to delete delete your browsing history, cookies and all other traces of your online activity to protect your privacy. You can also use this extension to scan your pc for any malware and threats. It also enables you to remove download history and empty cache.


44. Google Calendar :

google calendar

This extension or chrome plugin enables you to get a button on your browser toolbar which enables you to see upcoming events from Google Calendar. You can also add events from your facedbook accounts like your friend’s birthday to your google calendar directly using this plugin.


45. Orkut :


This extension allows you to receive orkut updates and scrap notifications from your orkut account. This plugin offers a lot of features like checking friend’s album, managing friends on orkut, replying to scraps and much more.


46. Picnik :


This Extension allows you to easily edit the images you find while browsing the web. With a single click you can take a snapshot of your current web page and then edit it using this extension and share with your friends. I personally found this extension fun to use and useful for certain works.


47. Undo Close tab :

This is really an amazing extension and in my opinion every chrome user must install this plugin. Consider a situation where you were working on some important site and by mistake you close the tab, now you want to restore the tab. In this situation this plugin is the best choice. It can restore your last closed tabs.


48. Invisible Hand :

invisible hand

This extension is a must have extension for all the online buyers. This extension will notify you if the product your are purchasing is available at a more cheaper rate on any other website on the internet or not. You can also use this plugin in the same way to find the cheapest available flight from various travel sites. The notification provides a link straight to the relevant page where the price is cheaper.


49. Google Similar pages :

google similar pages

Many times it happens that you are browsing a web page or website and is interested in finding other similar pages? In such situation google similar pages is really helpful. You can quickly preview and explore the other pages which are similar to your current web page.


50. Delicious Bookmarks :

delicious bookmarks

Delicious Bookmarks is an official Google Chrome extension for Delicious. For whom who don’t know about delicious, it is the world’s leading social bookmarking service. This extension integrates your bookmarks with the Google Chrome browser for convenient access.

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