Google+ Hangout – Plugins, Tips, Problems and Solutions

What is Google+ Hangout

Google has entered the social networking game with Google+. One of it’s coolest service is Hangout, its group video chat service. If you click on the Google+ Home tab, on the right youwill  see the Google Hangout tab.  Google+ Hangout looks both easy to use and fun. It lets you scroll through the web and interact with your friends, use live video chat, create a spontaneous chat room etc. You can coordinate plans, e.g meeting up someone or working on a project. Hangout has YouTube integration. Like Skype, Hangout is free but unlike Skype, you can talk to ten people at the same time.

Google+ hanngouts


Advantages and Limitations of Google+


Google+ Hangout can be used as:

  • For product demo: It is  a great idea to use Google+ Hangout for giving a product demo as it allows the audience to interact with the demo and thus makes it a lot exciting and interesting. It has screen capture with Camstasin.
  • Internal meetings and training: Hangout makes sales meeting, strategy session and training more fun. Everybody is visible during the talk so you don’t lose ‘Body Language’ communication.
  • Launch it with style and brains: Even if you have a low budget, you can launch your product with Glitter and Glamour, invite press(Media) and other influential people if you are doing it with Google+.
  • Bridges the Hardware limitations: Google+  lets you bridge any sort of hardware difficulties to bring Landline and Cellular users into the fold via voice communications.


For the starters, you need an ‘Invitation’ to join Hangout.

  • Google+ limits Hangout to ten users at a time. Don’t get surprised if you read the message-“We are sorry, the Hangout looks to be Jampacked already. There is no more room.”
  • Hangout has a 90 minute check in to make sure you are still there.
  • It works on limited latest supported browsers and OS’s.

Google+ Hangout Plugins

1. You login to your Google+ account and click on the Start a Hangout button (located at the right side of your Google+ home page). you will see a new window with an “Install Plugin” button. You have to click this button and the download will start.

2. After downloading and installing, you will see a new tab saying “Thanks for trying Google+ voice and video chat!” with this tab a window will appear, appreciating the download. Here you have to press “close” button.

Google+ hangout install plugin

3. Finally just click the Hangout button in your profile let the fun begin.

Start a Hangout

To install the plugin, you need windows XP+, Mac OS x 10.5+ or Linux. Its easy. Download link.

Google+ Hangout for Android


Google for Android has got an update to version 2.1, which means you can use Hangout on your Android Smartphone (with double camera). Download link

Google+ Hangout for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Google+ Hangout for iPhone

Hangout is available for the apple family of smartphones. To use Hangout, you need to have Google+ The size is 17.1MB. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, requires iOS 4.0 or later and rated 3 by the users. Download link

Problems and Solutions using Hangout

Like any Man-made-object, Google+ Hangout is also not immune to the shortcomings. Here we are discussing some of the known issues and trying to give the best solutions for them.

1. Plugin may crash for users on Mac OSX 10.6.8

  • The main cause is incompatibility with Rogue Amoebe’s Audio Hijack Pro software and it can be fixed. Try this:
  • Start Audio Hijack Pro and click ‘Install Extras’ under it’s Menu.
  • In the Instant On feature, click the button to add an exclusion.
  • Then add the app: /Library/Application\Support/Google/

This should do the job.

2. Webcam and Mic not working

To avoid this problem, you have to avoid using these Webcams and Microphones:

  • Logitech webcams (C310,C910 etc).
  • Tascam US-144 Microphone

Google is still busy resolving this problem.

3. Audio issues with Windows 7 on Lenovos, using the built-in microphone

Try the following steps to fix this problem:

  • In the bottom right, right click on the speaker icon.
  • After choosing the Recording Devices, right click on Internal Microphone.
  • Select Properties.
  • Now select the Advanced tab and uncheck Enable audio enhancement.
  • Press Ok.

4. Users seeing silhouetts and not Video Chat

This might occur if you are using voice and video plugin 1.9X, please update the plugin version to solve this problem.

To see similar problems and their solution, you can visit:

Useful Tips

1. How to start a Named Hangout

You can start a named Hangout from the stream, it is a feature of Hangout with Extras. Follow these easy steps:

  • After starting your Hangout click ‘Try Hangout with Extras’.
  • You will find yourself in a “green room” where you can set up your Camera and choose additional circles or individuals.
  • Choose a name for your Hangout (Try to choose a unique name so that you don’t find your clone later).
  • Now, add the people or circles to invite them.
  • By clicking clicking ‘Hang Out’, you are good to go.
Google+ hangout

 2. How to join an existing Hangout

Joining a named Hangout is pretty simple:

Click the ‘Join this Hangout’ button to join the desired Hangout (Someone already in the Hangout can also send you the URL of the Hangout to help you joining it).

If you are aware of the meeting name (e.g jack123), you can type it for the meeting in your browser.

3. How to add a Document to the Hangout

You can update an existing Document by clicking ‘Add document’  button next to Documents at the top left of your screen.

Sharing settings:

  • You will be asked to share the document with other participants so that they can see and edit it.
  • If someone new joins the meeting. one of the people already in the meeting (with sharing authority), will have to share the document with the new guy.
When a Hangout is ended, the notes can still be accessed by going to Google Docs list (titled Notes: “meeting name”).

4. How to share your Hangout Screen

You can share the entire screen or just one window. At the moment some one else’ screen can not be “Remote Controled”, all you can do is see what the other person is doing. It is a great feature which helps you to give a little how-to-demo with friends and family.

Click the ‘Share Screen’ at the top of your screen.

Here choose the window you want to present.

Click ‘Share Selected Window’ option.

To stop sharing, just click ‘Stop Sharing Screen’.

So, this was all about Google+ Hangout, its problems and solutions. Hope you find this information helpful.

This article was last updated on July 7th, 2012 in Google

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