Hack Airtel for Sending Free Unlimited SMS!

There are lots of ways to send free SMS across the globe using internet and even some sites allow you to talk for free. But what if you want to send free SMS through your Airtel mobile. It is possible, you can send free SMS on Airtel mobiles, the only thing that you have to do is just follow the given instructions. Here we are going to provide three tricks and one of these three will surely work in any of the states.

1st Trick

  1. Navigate ‘Send Message’ option.
  2. Send Blank SMS to 543210 (Toll Free Number).
  3. Having sent wait for 5-6 minutes.
  4. Now enjoy sending free SMS to any number in India.
  5. To check SMS balance, dial *125*5#

2nd Trick

  1. Navigate ‘Send Message’ option.
  2. Send Blank SMS to either 1900 or 1909 (Toll Free Number).
  3. After sending the SMS you will get reply like ‘Invalid Keywords’.
  4. Now enjoy sending free SMS to any mobile number throughout India.

3rd Trick

  1. Go to Messages option and click on Settings.
  2. Click on Message Center Number and proceed to add a new message center number.
  3. In Message Center Name field, write anything. For an example, “Free SMS”.
  4. In the Message Center Number field, write +919810051905.
  5. Choose Preferred Connection Type as Packet Data.
  6. Save the message center and activate it from the options.
  7. Go to your phone menu and navigate to Settings => Phone Settings => Connection => Packet Data.
  8. In the settings of packet Data, edit the following options.
  9. Packet Data Connection => When available and Access Point => Airtel Live
  10. Save all settings and you are done.

Note: Remember keep your Airtel SIM card balance less than Rs. 1 before applying any of these tricks.

General Disclaimer:All this information is for your awareness only, all these information were already available over the internet, here we have gathered all those information and have written this article. Before trying this out please check all the licensing agreements and copyright policies as in case of any discrepancies we will not be held responsible.

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