How to Get Back Deleted Yahoo Mail?

When Yahoo mails are deleted, those mails are moved from Inbox folder to a separate folder called Trash. This is so called temporary deletion of yahoo mails and these mails can easily be recovered from trash. But emails those are deleted from Trash are treated as permanent deletion of Yahoo mails. If mails are deleted permanently there are no easy ways to recover those mails.

To get back those mails you have to either rely on the backup of your mailbox or the mail client that you are using. If you may have used Microsoft Office Outlook mail client then you will be able to recover the deleted mails as these web based mail client services keep backup of deleted mails in its cache.

Last but not the least Yahoo Mail can rollback the mailbox up to a certain time specified by the user. Eventually the deleted yahoo mails can be recovered. Now we are going to explain this entire process with simple steps how to recover deleted yahoo mails at different stages:yahoo_logo

Retrieve Yahoo Mails from Trash

Deleted Yahoo mails are stored in the Trash Folder and we will see the steps how to restore the mails stored in Trash:

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account with correct credentials.yahoo_login_page
  2. Navigate to Trash Folder.
  3. Select the concerned mail you want to restore.
  4. Select the intended folder you want to restore the deleted mail.
  5. Click on the Move button in order to restore the deleted mail.

Retrieve Email When Deleted From Trash

  1. Having launched Web Browser, Open the Yahoo Mail Login Page.
  2. Login to your Yahoo Account with correct credentials (Yahoo Id and password).
  3. Decide on the Yahoo Account Rollback time (Restore Time). Normally it should be one hour before the time messages are deleted. Suppose if you have deleted messages from Trash at 6 p.m., the rollback time will be 5 p.m.
  4. Before raising request for account rollback, take backup (save, print, forward) all the emails received or sent after the rollback time decided by you as after account rollback any mails received or sent after the rollback time will no longer be there.
  5. Navigate to Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form.
  6. Enter your personal details including name, correct entries for the drop-down options.
  7. Once you enter the details mentioned above, Yahoo will automatically fetch your email address and alternate email address from their database.
  8. Enter the problem description in the specified area.
  9. Select Month, Date and Time for the Restore Time determined by you.
  10. Click on “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Yahoo will send an email to your alternate email id once the account rollback process is successful and usually this entire process takes 6-8 hours to complete. And you are done.

To get more information of restoring Yahoo mails when it is deleted from Trash, click here.

Note: Your account can be restored up to 48 hours back from the current time, so act quickly.

I hope this article has given you a thorough idea of retrieving yahoo mails if it is deleted temporarily or permanently. Please put your valuable feedback so that we can preset best article for you in future.

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