How to make money from PTC sites

Internet has always been a source of great technicalities and we see many people gaining money from the internet daily. So, how do they make it? What are the tips and tricks to do this? Well, you might be aware of PTC sites and they are probably the best sources of making money on the web. So, let us now check some quick ways to make money online through PTC websites.paid-to-click

But, before going ahead with this process first make it a point to create a separate mail and use a different mobile/phone number than your regular phone. This is because, you might need to fill in some surveys or forms and you might be flooded with numerous calls to your regular phone. So, separate your contact details from the regular ones.

Now, start your browsing on the internet and you can find some PTC sites, where you can join and start earning money. You should remember that there are lots of scams going on in the internet, so you have to be very careful, while choosing such sites. So, we have brought some PTC sites for you to avoid all these hassles.

List of Websites


If you are a starter, then Neobux is the one for you. There is no wasting time around and you receive your payments instantly, within a short span. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to get your money credited.

Minimum Payout: $2 | Instant Payment | Payment from Paypal and Alertpay

Join Neobux


This is one way of getting paid to visit the links of the advertisers. This way you will earn upto 7.5%, for every purchase from the advertisers. The amount is straightaway deposited in BuxP Balance.

Minimum Payout: $7.99 | Payment from Paypal and Alertpay

Join BuxP

Earn Easy Cash

This site provides an easy way to make some extra cash by reading emails, clinking on banners, playing games, and clicking on the website links and surfing them.

Minimum Payout: $0.99 | Payment from Paypal and Alertpay

Join Earn Easy Cash


On this site members receive money for clicking on the ads and advertisers promote their products through these ads.

Minimum Payout: $2 | Payment from Paypal

Join OnBux


This is also another custom made “Paid to click” website and is in the market to provide maximum benefits to its members.

Join PPLinx

How do you proceed now?

Now that you have made an entry into these sites, it is essential to constantly monitor them to get the benefits. Here is how you do that:

  • Make sure you return to websites daily, which pay you to click their ads or sites to get better benefits.
  • If you are buying any goods on the internet, then make it a point to buy it through cash back site.
  • Refer friends or people you know, to these sites. You are paid for the referrals.
  • You can also just fill questionnaires/surveys or you can even sign up for newsletters.

Daily Clicking

This is also probably one of the easiest ways of earning money provided you have time on your hand. Here, the sites pay you for clicking daily on their websites. For example, they might give you some seven to eight links to click daily for free. You just have to click on those links and the agreed amount will be credited to your account. Once the amount reaches to a sufficient transferable amount, then you will be paid through PayPal or any other services. But for this, time is the crucial factor.  The more time you spend, the better you earn.

Buying goods on the internet

We all know that internet is favorite shopping spot and if you are thinking to buy something, then try online first. You might be eligible for the cashback offers. All you have to do is, sign up on the sites mentioned above, and then shop from the store. The store will track your whereabouts and will track that you have visited through cashback site. This way, if you are shopping at their store, then the shop pays the commission to the website and in turn some or agreed amount will be credited to your account. When you are receiving money just for shopping then why not try this way?

Completing Surveys

Now, you can also earn money through filling up some surveys or questionnaires. This is the best way if you have got lots of free time on your hand. Depending the size of the questionnaire or survey you can earn anywhere between 50p to £5. And, when you are done with filling, you will receive more surveys to your mail, where you can start filling them again, if you are interested. You also have an alternative to this. That is, just sign up for the newsletters and start earning money.

Referring people to your site

This probably might seem easy at the beginning, but starts getting tough as you go on. This is because; you will need a large social circle or network, so that you can refer them to the sites. And, once they join the site, then you will be paid for that. However, the amount you earn with this, is possibly lower than other methods.

As you have seen, earning money on the internet is easy and if you have free time then it might be the good source to get some quick bucks. Just remember, to clear off the cookies on your browser. If you are wondering how to do that then we will make it easy for you.

  • Just open your browser and select Tools.
  • Here select the Internet Option or Clear recent history.
  • Here, if you wish you can select the entire browsing history or just the cookies and click on “clear” button.

That’s it. You are done now. Hope you will earn some extra money for your pocket in an easy manner.

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