How to measure health of your Windows 7 Laptop Battery

Windows 7 have many hidden features and commands in it and you are unaware of most of them. There is a little trick available in Windows 7 by which you can measure the health of your Laptop’s battery. To Perform this task, you are required to plugin your laptop.

This is necessary to check the battery life as after some time the lithium Ion battery will start dying and stops charging full. Thus, performance of laptop battery starts degrading. The power backup will go down from few hours to few minutes. We can know about remaining charge time of battery but to know about the health status of battery you have follow certain steps and commands.

There is a command in Windows Command Processor, powercfg with a parameter using which you can easily check the status of your laptop battery health. Here are the steps to use this command:

  • Click Start button and type cmd in search box.
  • Right click on it and run cmd as an Administrator.
  • Type powercfg –energy in the command prompt and press enter.
  • System will enable a trace for 60 seconds. For these 60 seconds, the windows would completely observe and analyze the performance of the system and provide the output.
  • After 60 seconds a report is prepared which shows errors, warnings etc. The report will be generated as a HTML file by default in the system drive where your OS is installed.
  • image

  • To see the system report go to directory and open the file.
  • There will be lot of information in that file. So, just scroll down until you see Battery Information section.
  • Battery Information section provides the information of battery type, capacity, last full charge which is the maximum potential of your battery.
  • image

  • To calculate the percentage of present charging capacity we perform a last full charge divided by Design capacity of the battery multiplied by 100 which gives you the percentage of usage.

Using these steps you can now easily find out how the battery performance has degraded over a period of time and can guess when is the right time to replace your battery.

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