How to prevent Windows Explorer Crash

A situation in which virtually every Windows user has passed is having to face a seemingly random system crash when browsing for folders. This usually happens when you open many windows operating system in Explorer, but even powerful machines in which the user navigates sparingly are free of the problem.

In general, the only solution is to close Explorer or, in extreme cases, restart the machine so that everything returns to normal. Unfortunately, Windows 7 is not free of this problem, but provides the user the option to open folders in a process different from the traditional Explorer. So, if any crash during navigation, no longer need to close all other activities on your computer.

How to avoid Windows Explorer Crash

The process to set up a new process to navigate folders on your computer is simple, just follow the steps below:

1. Open any Explorer window, click on “Organize” and then select the field “Folder and Search Options”;


Prevent Windows Explorer Crash


2. In the window that opens, select the tab “View”;

3. Now just find the option “Launch folder windows in a separate process” and leave it checked. Then click “Apply” for changes to take action.


Prevent Windows Explorer Crash 1


Now, every time you happen to catch any folder and may need to close the case, you will not have to wait until the restart Explorer to automatically revert to using the machine. Although it is a useful option, it is worth remembering that its use is recommended only for those who have a computer with a good amount of RAM (recommended is to have at least 4GB).

In addition to consuming more resources of the machine, enabling this option can also mean some conflicts with extensions that use Explorer as a parameter of operation. So, take these factors into consideration before making the changes, and if you notice any performance problem, disable it immediately.

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