How to promote your articles

Promoting your articles on internet is the main thing you must do to get visitors. How do you feel when you write an unique, full of information article and don’t get anyone to read it? Therefore, you should do something to promote your articles.


Here are some ways to promote your articles on the web:

SEO Friendly Articles/Keywords:

SEO is the best way to promote your articles. Most of the visitors come from search engines, therefore you should make your articles SEO friendly.

You should find the ways to get higher ranking in search engines, like Google. Use the most searched keywords in your article. This will drive a huge traffic to your article. Many bloggers use this way to promote their articles.

Social Bookmarking Sites:


Social Bookmarking sites is the great way to promote articles. Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon let you share your articles with thousands of people. This is the simple way to promote your articles. You have to give your article URL and let do the site rest of the work.

Social Networking Sites

These days, social networking sites are going faster and most of people are using them. So, use this method to promote your articles on the web.

You can share your article on the social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace. This will spread your article to the users of specific social networking site.

I hope, above ways to promote articles will surely help you in promoting your articles.

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