How to recover lost password in Iphone 4

Few coders from Fraunhofer Institute, germany found a security hole in the iphone 4 password security system. The security hole allows you to break into the locked iphone which is locked by the passcode and easily reveal the secret password.






This security hole can help many exploiters to break into a stolen iphone and easily compromise with the private details stored in the broken devices.

In order to recover the lost password in iphone we have to follow simple steps, that includes Jailbreaking the iphone followed by running the exploit code from SSH server.

After exploiting the iphone device using the SSH server you can access all information stored in the iphone. Such as your Emails accounts, saved passwords of VPN, Wi-Fi and some social bookmarking sites.

Following is the video that helps you to find the passcodes of your iphone device:

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