How to Send Text Messages Via Email

Send text messages to mobile phones through your email


Are you worried about the Telecom Regulatory Authorities of your country who are limiting the amount of text messages you can send in a day?

Well if you have a computer or more specifically a portable version like a Laptop or Netbook with an internet connection, then there is no need to panic for this restriction. The internet offers several solutions that facilitate you to send as many text messages via the internet to any phone number you like. But an amazing fact that is relatively unknown to many is that you can even use your email account for this purpose i.e. sending text messages to a mobile phone.

Are you baffled? Well don’t be.

This may sound very interesting to you. You need not sign up in all those free internet SMS websites to send a text to your dear ones. You can accomplish this task almost seamlessly via your own email account. The only thing to note is that you have to identify the service provider of the recipient mobile phone number. Once you have done that just follow these simple steps to send out a message to any of your dear ones.

How to send text messages via email

Steps to send text via email

  • Step 1: Since you now know the service provider of the recipient just search the internet for a small info. Every service provider has a domain name which looks like say “”. Find this Domain name.
  • Step 2: Open your email account and click on the Compose New or Create New email option as per your email account provider. On the “Send To” address space type the digits of the mobile number to which you want to send a text message. After you have typed just append the number with an “@” sign followed by the domain name you found out in Step 1. Then you are ready to go.
  • Step 3: If you think it is not funny to write a subject line for a text message then add a subject line of your own and type the text which you want to send in the message box where you normally type your email text.
  • Step 4: Hit the send button and before you know it your text will be on its way to the recipient’s mobile phone.

Things to note

Things to note

The task is easy once you have identified the domain names of all service providers to which your usual message recipients have subscribed to.

However there is a particular thing to note. Make sure the text you enter does not exceed 160 characters as then it would be treated as 2 messages and sometimes might not reach the recipient correctly.

So it is hoped that this easy solution will provide a smarter way to cut down your mobile phone bills, as you can save on international SMS also. So happy texting folks.

Major US Email to SMS Gateways

AT&T (formerly Cingular)
[ten digit mobile number] (MMS)
[ten digit mobile
[ten digit mobile number]

[ten digit mobile number]

[ten digit mobile number]

Sprint Nextel
[ten digit mobile number]

US Cellular
[ten digit mobile number] (SMS)
[ten digit mobile number] (MMS)

Virgin Mobile USA
[ten digit mobile number]

Boost Mobile
[ten digit mobile number]

[ten digit mobile number]
[ten digit mobile number] (MMS)

Major International Email to SMS Gateways

Airtel Wireless (Montana, USA) –
Cingular (GoPhone prepaid) – (SMS)
Alaska Communications Systems –
7-11 Speakout (USA GSM) – number@cingularme.comAirtel (Karnataka, India) –
AT&T Enterprise Paging –
BPL Mobile (Mumbai, India) –
Cricket – (SMS)
Cellular One (Dobson) –
Centennial Wireless –
Comcel –
MetroPCS –
Koodo Mobile (Canada) –
Mero Mobile (Nepal) –
Movicom (Argentina) –
Nextel (Argentina) –
MTS (Canada) –
President’s Choice (Canada) –
Rogers (Canada) –
Setar Mobile email (Aruba) –
Unicel –
Vodacom (South Africa) –
Virgin Mobile (Canada) –
MobiPCS (Hawaii only) –
Orange Polska (Poland) –
Mobitel (Sri Lanka) –
LMT (Latvia) –
Emtel (Mauritius) –
Globalstar (satellite) –
Claro (Brasil) –
Aql –
Helio –

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