How To Use Paypal

Paypal is one of the most used online payment processor, acting as the 3rd party for the payment between buyers and online shopping solutions. It is nothing hard to use Paypal for payment sending and receiving but those with no knowledge at all, would feel that as a complicated one.

The creation of paypal account takes a few minutes, and to verify the account you need to add your credit card and link it. This would also help in adding credits to your account when the online system is short of funds.

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How to use Paypal on eBay

EBay is the company that runs Paypal, and itself being the biggest online shopping center, it makes people use Paypal as the payment processor to carry out transactions easily. This is how you can use Paypal on eBay –

  • Have accounts created on both Paypal and eBay, which takes a few minutes.
  • Login to your ebay account, and then go to My eBay section, and then go to “My Account” where you can select the option of Addresses.
  • The Addresses has the option to add your shipping and paypal addresses, and use the “Add Paypal Address” option. Login to your paypal account, and this would link your Paypal account to the eBay account.

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How to use Paypal on Amazon

With Amazon, we can not make the purchases directly on Paypal as they have not provided any option for that. Here is how you can still use Paypal to make purchases on Amazon –
Register for a Paypal debit card in your paypal account. Once it reaches you through mail, you need to confirm it and activate through the telephone call that comes listed on the attached sticker.
Now login to your Amazon account, and then add the desired items to your cart. You can then proceed to the checkout, and then use the details available on the card to make the payment. This debit card can be used as a normal credit card.

How to use Paypal to receive payments

Paypal can be used for different stuff like sending and receiving payments. You can use the account to sell products on eBay and get payments. You can make any direct deals through networks and forums, and get the payment through paypal. Even direct billing from websites too can be done.

For this, you just need a paypal account which is verified, and for the direct deals you just need the buyer know your Paypal email address i.e. the one you used to register on the Paypal website.
On your own online stores, paypal provides you payment buttons which come with the code that needs to be placed on your website, clicking which would take you to the Paypal page for payment.

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How to use Paypal without a credit card

Using a paypal account without actually having a credit card linked to it, is probably hard but not impossible. You can always link your debit card with the account and use it to make the payments and also withdraw amount to the card from your account, but without using the credit card and just using a debit card, would not be enough to verify the account.

Another way of using the Paypal account without a credit card is using it with your bank account, where after receiving a good amount of payments, you can just withdraw the amount directly to your local bank account, and this doesn’t need any credit or debit cards.

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