Installous, Hackulous and Apptrackr are shut down – App VV is Alternative

To all iPhone users (who are using the jailbroken iPhones and installous), this is a bad news which came from the hackulous team (on 31st december 2012) that services of the installous will be terminated. This is very shocking to all the people and all are now hunting for the alternatives of installous.

The reasons for the closure of the service is lack of moderation in the forums and maintenance problems. Also the major drawback is the lack of proper jailbreak for the ios 6 which is creating a lot of pressure and demand for the pirated apps by the new iPhone 5 users and also by the people who have upgrated to the latest ios 6.

The only existing and most reliable alternative for installous right now is App VV (vShare) – a largest chinese app for downloading the apps.

Difference between Installous and App VV

The good thing in this App VV (vShare) is that – it has many good and useful features which installous didn’t have, they are :

1. All the download links that are direct links and they will not direct you to uploading sites (which is a major annoying thing in the installlous).

2. All the applications which are shown in this are up to date and are monitored regularly by the professionals.

3. When Compared with Installous, it is faster (downloading apps) and also the links are clean and not broken.

4. We can also update an app that is downloaded via App VV which is not possible in the installous.

How to add App VV in iPhone, iPad and iPod

So lets see the procedure and before going through the steps one by one, please make sure that the following versions are compatible with this.

  • iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G
  • iPad 3, 2, 1
  • iPod Touch 2G, 3G, 4G

Which are running on iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x [iOS 6.x is not tested]

1. Open Cydia in your iPhone, iPad or iPod

cydia 1

2. Next go to “Manage” option

manage 2

3. Select option “Sources” in that

manage edit 3

4. Next press the “edit” option which is in the top right corner

sources done4

5. Then click on the “add” option which is in the top left corner and then you need to enter this url ( in that box which will appear and then press “Add Source”


6. After that search for App VV in the cydia search and install it.

app vv

7. Next you need to go to the installous and download the App VV 1.0.44 (English Version) or latest App VV 1.0.53 (which support the ios 6) so I personally think 1.0.53 is better and also there is not much problem with this Chinese language in managing the apps with downloading or deleting them.

The major problems that are arising in this step is that, people are complaining about the error that is appearing in the installous 5 due to the closure of its services. The error is something like – update is incompatible and so on and its closing down. So the altenative for this is that you need to put the AIRPLANE MODE ON and TURN OFF YOUR WIFI AND CELLULAR DATA and install the .IPA file of the App VV (if you have already downloaded).

NOTE : Some people have faced a major problem that is, they deleted the installous (by mistake due to these errors) and for them the ultimate solution is that –

1. Go to cydia and search for the installous 3 (from iapps – insanelyi)

installous 3

2. Now TURN OF YOUR WIFI and MOBILE CELLULAR DATA to avoid the error. Then go to the download section of the installous 3 and install it. (You don’t worry about the version present there because it is an updated and the best one).

app vv 1.0.53 ipa

PLEASE NOTE : The above mentioned trick for installous 3 is found by chance and I hope it should work for all.

After installing the App VV (vShare) will look like this


And the download page will look like this and without any confusion you can manage the app even if there is Chinese language in between and most of it is in English so there must be no problems. Also note that after you install the app vv you will automatically see all the files that are downloaded in your previous existing installous app in this new app’s download section.

app vv 1.0.53 ipa

Disclaimer : We dont encourage or promote any installous alternatives for downloading the .IPA files because developers make a lot of effort and hard work in developing the applications and we respect it. But the only reason why we tell about them is when you are not sure about an app, you may try it before you buy it.

This article was last updated on February 4th, 2013 in Apple

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