Amazing Facts About Live Scan Fingerprinting Technologies

Not long ago, fingerprints were taken using ink, but this method was later discarded as the results were pretty messy and often unclear. Live scan fingerprinting involves an inkless electronic means of capturing fingerprints in digital format.

Such technologies have been a major clue in identifying a person, a tool pretty useful at forensic labs for criminal identification. Live scan fingerprints are comparatively faster and long lasting; they can be stored and retrieved as per requirement.

What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Each human’s fingerprints are unique; the ridges, patterns and contours of the lines differ from person to person. Fingerprinting live scan techniques are used not only for catching criminals but also as a proof of identity necessary for data security.

It’s even in safes and locking systems for better protection; in fact in BuzzFeed’s latest buzz-making post, biometric live scans are mentioned among the top 17 unusual tools for extra safety!

Check it out:

Most high tech electronic devices include fingerprint identification as a password for accessibility. Mentioned later are some unknown facts about live scan fingerprinting and how it affects our lives. Also check out for more details.

Where to get Live Scan Fingerprints?

Electronic fingerprints are a proof of your identity, useful in almost all walks of life. From getting an insurance to prove you innocence in case of any suspicious activity, fingerprints are necessary everywhere!

In the yester years one had to get a thumb or finger impression on paper, but that has become obsolete. Now there are live scanners to do the job; all you need is to fill out a live scan fingerprinting form to apply. Listed below are some live scan fingerprinting locations at different cities:

  • Live scan fingerprinting Florida: used for background checks, live scans are done at police stations by authorised sheriffs, you get quick and electronic fingerprint scans delivered directly to you via email. to know more visit:
  • Live scan fingerprinting Michigan: there are many live scan vendors spread out throughout the city, make an appointment and get your fingerprints scanned by a technician. Bring along your ID and photograph. For further information visit:
  • San Diego: you’ll get both private and government fingerprint scanner booths in the city. Apply for a form and make your appointment. Get the list of locations:
  • California: Visit the live scan locations in the city and get instant electronic fingerprints in just about 10 mins. More on the application and scan process here:
  • San Francisco: residents can avail the service of walk in live scans or even use mobile applications for getting digital fingerprints. Situated at nearby locations these public live scanner booths are pretty convenient and efficient. For more information visit:
  • New Jersey: check out the nearby live scan fingerprinting locations and apply for an appointment there. for further details check:

Amazing Facts about live Scan Fingerprinting

Used mainly for background checks, fingerprints are perhaps the only defining traits of a primate that cannot be replicated. In fact the science of forensic and criminal investigation developed mainly on fingerprints! Listed below are other interesting and intriguing facts about live scan fingerprinting that you want to check out:

  1. The fact that fingerprints are unchangeable and immutable was first discovered by the 19th century anthropologist Sir Francis Galton. More on the history of fingerprinting:
  2. Thanks to modern technology, investigators can now digitally scan and match even partial fingerprints to identify the criminal
  3. The first criminal to be ever convicted due to fingerprint identification was Francesca Rojas, an Argentine woman charged with the murder of her children in 1892. Other case studies :
  4. Adopted by most law enforcement agencies of the United States, live scan fingerprint is a reliable medium for criminal identification and detailed background checks. Browse through this BuzzFeed article on how cab drivers now have to undergo stricter background checks:
  5. The FBI catalogues all fingerprints together, that is, both criminal and civilian fingerprint live scans are stored in the same archives, everyone is treated as a suspect. More details:
  6. Surround imaging technology is used for identifying intricate patterns that are often invisible to the naked eye, but is easily incorporated in the automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) More on AFIS here:
  7. The AFIS live scan is a touchless 3D model, that involves a simpler and cheaper method for scanning and retrieving fingerprints, it can search up to 500,000 prints per second!
  8. Not all criminal records need fingerprint identification, for example in some states like California, only convictions, sexual abuse, theft, robbery and murder include live scanning. Assault, domestic violence, medical fraud, trespassing, vandalism and other crimes are often overlooked.
  9. Live scans do not cover civil records in the background checks, thus restraining orders, and other civil court rulings are not taken into consideration.
  10. Palm prints are more detailed than fingerprints, and therefore easily identifiable.
  11. Forensic scientists are now exploring the possibility of DNA fingerprinting, where microbiomes are used for identification. For further information refer:

Other details about fingerprinting:

Once you’ve filled out the application form you need to submit your ID and photograph. The live scan fingerprinting cost as set according to the FBI is up to $70, the breakdown is mentioned below:

  • Rolling fee: $20-25
  • DOJ fee: $32
  • FBI fee: $17
  • Child fee: $15
  • DOJ fee for record review: $25

The bottom line:

With the advancement of technology, live scan fingerprinting is venturing out into other arenas as well. Other than being a smart alternative to inky prints, and password protections, these biometric devices are also quickly becoming the new ecommerce solutions for easy monetary transactions!

For further details check out this article on BuzzFeed:

Another advantage of biometric live scans and fingerprinting is that the government can keep track of the census in case of crisis. For instance in the Middle East countries live scan fingerprints, and iris scans offer smart and reliable information for identifying people.

Although it requires proper implementation, check this out:

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