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Microsoft Office is a software package which has several programs integrated; one of which is the Power Point. Slide show is the main application of this software but not everyone has this program in their own computer. Power Point Viewer is a powerful tool that helps us to view slide shows which are created in Microsoft Power Point, without having the program itself.

The 3 most popular viewers are described below:

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97

The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 allows people, who create their presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint, to share their presentations with anyone and to post full fidelity PowerPoint presentations on the Internet which helps them to expand their online audience including people who might not have PowerPoint. Besides this, it allows to view and print power point presentations, but not to edit.

Version: 8.0

License type: Freeware


  • Provides full fidelity display of PowerPoint 97 files including the new animations, graphics effects, action settings, hyperlinks, and custom shows
  • Opens presentations saved in PowerPoint for Windows and PowerPoint for Macintosh 3.0 or later.
  • Supports printing of PowerPoint presentations.


In addition to running as a standalone application, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 is optimized for displaying PowerPoint presentations inside Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and above.


Microsoft Corporation is getting intermittent slide playback issues when they add text or graphics to solid color backgrounds. Sometimes the presentation will play through normally but at other times, they have slides not displayed, displayed without the background, displayed with text in a different font than the font used during creation. This happens when the presentation has been saved in PPT format normally.
So, Microsoft has modified their system and now their playback device is Linux-based and has PowerPoint Viewer 97 loaded on it.

You can download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 from here.


Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007

PowerPoint Viewer 2007 lets us view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. This viewer supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. We can view and print presentations, but we cannot edit them in the PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

License type: Freeware

Size: 26.01MB


  • Create Dynamic Presentations
  • Get better results faster with a redesigned user interface
  • Create powerful, dynamic diagrams or hierarchy diagrams.
  • Create presentations quickly and easily by saving custom layouts
  • Dramatically modify shapes, text, and graphics with new tools and effects work.
  • Easily Share Presentations
  • Reduce your document sizes and improve damaged file recovery at the same time
  • Use Microsoft Office Groove 2007 for real-time review sessions
  • Integrate presentations stored in Microsoft Windows Share Point Services technology with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007


Applying a new theme changes the major details of our document dramatically. WordArt effects are applied to titles in Office PowerPoint 2007. Tables, charts, Smart Art graphics, shapes, and other objects are updated to complement one another.

Background styles are unique to Office PowerPoint 2007 and use the new theme color model that defines two dark colors and two light colors to be used for text and backgrounds. The light colors are always visible over the dark colors and vice versa.

You can download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from here.


Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions with full fidelity, without requiring the MS Office suite. This viewer also supports opening password-protected PowerPoint presentations.

License type: Freeware

Size: 60.3MB

New Features:

  • The ribbon: designed to optimize key PowerPoint presentation scenarios to make them easier to use.
  • Backstage view: creating and saving files, inspecting for hidden metadata or personal information, and setting file options.
  • Protected View: Files from a potentially unsafe location are validated and can open in Protected View.



Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 comes with a nice selection of pre designed themes for creating presentations. If we are not satisfied with the pre designed templates, then we can also create different themes. The themes mainly contain three parts – color schemes, fonts and the effects which are very stunning and attractive.

You can download Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 from here.

Overall we can see that Microsoft PowerPoint viewer is very much useful and nowadays it is in huge demand for the corporate world, students, and the academies also. Though the modified versions are yet to be produced, the latest one is really something that satisfies the user’s needs.

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