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With the recent researches and discovery of new drugs and treatments, the world of medicine has advanced considerably from the yester year’s primitive cures and fixes. The new medical technology has resulted in a great many miracles, saving people and reducing the pain involved tenfold.

The medical world demands a need for constant innovation in medical practices and equipment, simplifying the complex treatment methods and revolutionizing the medical industry. Mentioned below are the other 10 best medical technological advancements of the year, check it out:


current new medical technologies

What is Medical Technology?

Medical information technology is a field of medicine involving the study of new drugs, better treatments methods and advance medical equipment that is used to diagnose, monitor and cure serious medical condition in people.

There are lots of medical institutes conducting researches for developing high tech treatments and effective medicines for patients suffering from both major and minor diseases. But as medical technology advances, so does the complexities involved in treatments, therefor there is a never ending need for research.


Some major medical breakthrough:

Technological aids for faster mobility, dealing with transfer fluid, other tele-meds and biomaterials are among the quickest techniques of treatment in the medical world. Among these, biomaterials are developing the fastest, showing more promise and a relatively larger market.

Used for antimicrobial wound dressing, biomaterials are great for minimizing the pain and discomfort considerably. Other survey reports show how advanced equipment simplifies flexibility of operation and optimum utilization of resources. Also the introduction of IT in medical field has changed things for the better; complexities such as Minimally Invasive surgeries are now dealt with greater accuracy and professionalism.

Major Medical Technology Examples:

Knowledge is limitless, and although the current medical technology is well equipped in dealing with fatal diseases and complex surgeries, still there is a lot of scope for improvement. Companies such as Wright medicals Inc. and Applied medical technology have successfully introduced lots of medical machines and tools assisting in complicated operations and surgeries.

Other success stories include Affinity medical technologies, MTS medical technologies and providence medical technology offering practical solutions in the field of medical radiology and vision technology. With such companies the future of medical technology is bright and promising. These institutes hire fresh medical graduates offering them lucrative, well paid medical technology jobs.

Major medical Technology Companies

  • Medical Extrusion Technology, a California based institute for manufacturing plastic prosthetics and custom made tubing extrusions used in surgeries
  • Medical Imaging Technology for identical imaging, body and brain scans and internal organs. MIT offers medical technology degrees to students who want to specialize in resonance imaging, ultrasound, endoscopy and other body imaging techniques.
  • Medical Radiologic Technology for diagnosing internal injuries and other pathology treatments using modern radiology methods such as x rays etc.
  • Medical Vision Technology, a California based institute best known for its optometry and ophthalmology techniques.
  • Bionix Medical Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment and other body care products improving healthcare drastically
  • Delphinus Medical Technologies a major supplier of complex ultrasound and other surgical methods, this company contributes heavily to the advancement of medical technology


The Technologies covered below:

The American Institute Of Medical Technology has been providing top quality healthcare programs and medical breakthroughs in the field of medicine since 2003, finding cures for even complex diseases. Listed below are the top


10 medical technologies that have contributed to the field of medicine:

  • Diagnostic imaging involving nuclear imaging, interventional radiology, capsule endoscopy etc.

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  • Magnetic levitation involves artificial development of the lung tissue using magnetism. It involves Nano magnets to synthetically grow realistic human tissue.

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  • Anti-bleeding gels, needle free injections for instant healing of both internal and external cuts and wounds

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  • Artificial cell formation and mimicry for creating extra limbs allowing easy replacements in case of organ damage

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  • 3D printing for quicker bone repair, you don’t have to wear a cast anymore! Bone printing allows a flexible and time saving approach to mend broken bones and other body part damages.

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  • Artificial intelligence involves the introduction of supercomputers for procuring and analysing symptoms, biometric and other necessary data.

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  • Humanoids and cyborgs are no more a subject of science fiction! The field of robotics have evolved, launching artificial limbs and often human cyborgs in operations. )

  • Pollen vaccines for faster vaccine mobility in war infected areas and other emergencies


  • Faster brain damage repair, in case of mental illness and other nerve related disorders. It uses the tongue and other neuromodulation techniques to stimulate the various zones of the human brain.

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  • Tele meds and faster bio implants such as neuro stimulations and others.

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Medical technologies that have taken the world by storm!

Medical technology does not only involve complex cures to fatal diseases and miracle drugs for cancers, it involves simple, unique and unconventional techniques for medical conditions. Scientists in the University of Michigan have developed a novel alternative for sustaining the heart. Pacemakers run on electricity and are now popular among heart patients helping them pump blood. This device uses human generated electrical vibrations for running the machine.
Another innovative medical concept in the DNA lego structures, where the four elements are arranged as double helix lego bricks. Found by Peng Ying who visualised the DNA structure strands using Lego, revolutionising the medical world. This result in easy DNA coding that is adopted by scientists at Oxford who have built a DNA robot using the same concept!

What do the Experts say?

The recent reports and surveys conducted have shown how the advances in medical technology have not only simplified complex conditions and saved lives but also increased the employment opportunities considerably. These revolutionary medical techniques mentioned above have been approved by experts, resulting in top quality solutions for medical problems.

The bottom line:

These reliable and certified cures for deadly diseases, these out of the box medical technologies are pretty effective and time saving. Also the future of medical technology looks pretty promising, saving lives and relieving people from the pain.

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