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There are lots of people who suffers from online paypal scam, to avoid online scam, paypal has introduced its toll free number to avoid online scams. From which you can complain or get any type of help regarding to paypal. If you know what PayPal is, you must have their phone number in your phonebook.

When it comes to online transactions, the one and only, simple and faster way to send or receive money is PayPal. It does not matter where you are and where you are sending your payment to, the money reaches its desired destination as soon as you press the Send button on the PayPal website. Sometimes, due to technical or some other difficulties, PayPal holds your payment for a while. But when such thing happens with big amount of money, it probably makes owners to worry about their payment. At such times, you will find the contact info of PayPal to get in touch with them and ask the status of your transaction. It’s obvious and everyone would do that, after all, it’s the hard-earned money you are playing with online.


You can visit PayPal’s Contact Us page to get their contact details. Like, their support email address as well as their other contact details. They also provide an online form which you can fill-in and submit to the PayPal team. The response time is really great, they usually get back to you in just a few hours with a good message. You can’t consider email as the fastest way to contact PayPal as it takes some time anyway. The faster way to reach them is through their Toll-Free number. Yes, you heard it right. PayPal offers a toll-free number where you can call from your phone and ask them your queries. By going through such way, you can have instant answer to your question and that for free. The number is toll-free so you are not going to be charged a penny even though you talk for an hour or two. PayPal doesn’t show up this number on their site’s homepage, nor on the contact page. However, the number exists in a deeper webpage which can be accessed by following the steps given below. If you’re just curious how we got their number, see below.

  • Visit the PayPal Official Website using this link.
  • Once you are there on the site, click on the Contact Us link given at the bottom of the page.
  • On the page that follows, you will see some of the contact options. Choose Call Us from the Section-2.
  • As soon as you choose Call Us, a new option will appear on the right side along with a link saying Call PayPal Customer Service. Just click on it.
  • The next screen will ask you to provide your Username and Password. Even if you don’t have an account with PayPal, you can contact them. Just use the button Continue.
  • And there you go. You will see the PayPal’s Toll Free number on the page along with the times when you can call them up.

PayPal Toll Free Phone Number:


Just use the number given above and a PayPal representative will reply you back. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below.

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