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Are you in search on a software that can connect your Linux or Unix based machines to a Windows Operating PC ?

Then you’ve reached the right place because today we are going to review a software named PuTTy Connection Manager that can help you solve the above stated problem. Please go on reading to know about the software and for the download link too !

What Is PuTTy Connection Manager ?

As stated above, this software helps you connect your Linux or Unix based machines to a system running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It is a free terminal emulator application that performs as a client for protocols such as the SSH,Telnet,rlogin and other raw TCP computing protocols.

Putty Connection Manager

Features Of The PuTTy Connection Manager :

The PuTTy Connection Manager comes with a lot of features that will surely enhance the user-experience. Some of them are listed below :

  • Dock-able Windows and Tabbed PuTTY interface.
  • User can login automatically  by saved settings.
  • Can be used as standalone application or installable.
  • Connections can be imported or exported in XML format.
  • Connection information can be stored securely (encrypted format).
  • Additional customization is possible – full screen, add/remove toolbar etc.

These are some of the important and efficient features of the PuTTY Connection Manager.

Download The PuTTY Connection Manager :

You can easily download the PuTTy Connection Manager.

Note : Development of this application stopped in 2009 so there is no active support available as such.

Initial Setup Guide for PuTTY Connection Manager :

  • After download, when PuTTY CM is installed and run for the first time, then you will be prompted to locate the file named “PuTTY.exe” (executable).
  • Then, use the Pushpin button and dock the Connection Manager.
  • Browse to the Configuration, by right-clicking on the item.

Select PuTTY Configuration

  • You can see the configuration menu as shown below. Apply the settings and you’re all done!

Putty Configuration

  • Keyboard shortcuts are provided in PuTTY Connection Manager.
  • If PuTTY CM is not working, you can try alternatives such as  SuperPuTTY and KiTTY.

How to Open Multiple PuTTY Sessions in Tabs Instead of Windows ?

Multiple Sessions

By default, your each PuTTy session will appear in a new window instead of tabs. And if you open multiple PuTTy sessions, these windows may irritate you. Below is the setting that you have to do in order to open your each PuTTy session in new tabs instead of new windows :

  • Go To Tools.
  • Click on Options.
  • Check-mark the “Enable additional timing for PuTTY capture (ms)” setting.
  • Now in the box that appears, set the value to 500 ms.
  • And from now, each PuTTY session will open in a new tab.

How to Create Dockable Windows for Each PuTTy Session ?

Dockable Windows PUTTY

If you don’t want each PuTTY session to appear in tabs, then you can also create dockable windows for each PuTTy session. Follow the steps below to create dockable windows for each PuTTY session.

  • Left click on the QA-box.
  • Keep holding the mouse until a panel symbol appears somewhat in the middle of the screen.
  • Now by clicking, drag the mouse along the bottom of the symbol.
  • Now the bottom portion of the screen will start highlighting.
  • Now the qa-box has successfully been moved to the bottom panel.

 Dockable Windows PUTTY

PuTTY Alternatives Download

PuTTY is definitely an awesome tool to use. In case, if you find any problems using it, you may absolutely proceed with any of the alternatives.

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