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Since the beginning of Mac OS, Apple always tends to do something different and more innovative than any of its competitors.The examples of this are desktop gadgets, different font styles for system folders, start up and shut down windows and so on. Although Apple never provided direct compatibility with any other operating system than Mac, many companies have always been very keen on developing various softwares for Mac.


What is RoboForm?

RoboForm is a password management application which has been developed by Siber Systems Inc.The software, formerly known as Al RoboForm, also offersanother featurei.e.automatic form filling for web. The RoboForm is available in many reputed browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome; it also supports various smart phones like Palm, Symbian phones and Pocket PCs.



The main idea behind the software is goes as follows: Many users waste their time and energy on filling some redundant information like personal information, user IDs, passwords into the forms on various web sites.But to be on the safer side, all these passwords are required to be different and containing alphanumeric sequence and hence it becomes difficult to remember all of them. Here comes

RoboForm in the picture; whenever any user fills user ID and password into some site, software asks that user if he wants to save that data? If the user clicks on save, the user ID and password is saved and from there on each time user opens that site, software fills that information into the respective fields.

Previously RoboForm wasn’t made available for Mac users, causing a great loss of users to company. But recently with the new beta version, RoboForm has been made available for Mac users also which is really great news for both Mac users as well as for Siber Company.


How to Download RoboForm for MAC?

Now easily download this software for Mac from here.

Users, who do not want to install the software on their Mac, can download a RoboForm bookmarklet which does the same function as that of software and that too without loading the system.

The software has become a huge hit among the mac users as soon as it was made available for them. It reduces efforts, increases security and helps a user to use internet fast; what else do we want fromany software?

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