Snow Leopard Transformation Pack for Windows 7, XP and Vista

Since the time first operating system was designed for computers, only two operating systems made it to stay on user’s computer for long time, viz. Windows and Mac. The former may be called as one of the most successful operating system ever while the latter is sure to gain critic’s vote.



All the versions of Windows were made while keeping end user in mind and thus Windows has very simple user interface which was the main reason Windows XP (one older version of Windows) became a huge success. Apple tried to make Mac in a different way; it had really awesome designed interface as well as spontaneity. But those who have used Mac at least once can never forget the appearance provided by Mac OS. Although Windows 7 is said to be nearing the look of Mac OS with new look and style, it still doesn’t appeal much.

Snow Transformation pack login


There are many ways in which one can change the look of Windows OS (XP, Vista or 7) and make it look like Mac OS. Out of them, let’s check the transformation packages which can transform your desktop completely. The latest version of Mac, Snow leopard X wears an ultimate getup which can also be given to Windows operating system using such transformation packs.

Snow Transformation pack desktop

Some features of such transformation packs:

  • Changes default login screen.
  • Adds applications to emulate snow leopard features like spaces, shadows and docks.
  • Changes system icons and graphics.
  • Changes system theme to that of snow leopard.
  • It even changes system branding logo to snow leopard.
  • Many such other small features!


Download Snow Leopard Transformation Pack for Windows 7

Download the pack from Winxsoft.

Download Snow Leopard Transformation Pack for Windows Vista

Download from this Link.

Download Snow Leopard Transformation Pack for Windows XP

Download from link.


Although all packs do the same thing, it is suggested to download the packs after verifying the site’s authenticity; otherwise the pack could let hackers inside your computer. Similarly, while going for the transformation pack, one should think whether he/she really needs transformation pack as some of them may replace the very important system file causing damage to your system. Thus before choosing to opt for it, one should check pros and cons of it.

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