Top 100 Free Online Flash Games

Top 100 flash games. I have collected the best, free and online flash games so that you don’t need to download any of these games. You just need to open any game in your flash enabled web browser to enjoy the game.

Strategy Flash Games

Age-of-DefenseAge of Defense :

This is a great strategy based game in which you need to protect you base from enemies at all cost. If they manage to destroy your base you lose the game.

Goodgame-FarmerGoodGame Farmer:

Have you ever wanted to own a farm ? If yes, then this a perfect game for you. All you need to do in this game is to  manage your virtual farm. Just like real farms you need to grow crops, manage farm animals and much more.

Bazooka-BattleBazooka Battle 2 :

In this strategy based game you are a member of team of soldiers who need to eliminate enemy soldiers by launching rockets towards them.

Camelot-SmashalotCamelot Smashalot :

This is a great game and I am sure you will get addicted to this game. In this game you need to throw sheep, hens, pigs, Holy Hand Grenades and Trojan Rabbits at the French fortresses with the help of a catapult..

Ace-DefenseAce Defense:

In this game enemy forces are try to infiltrate your base and steal your technology. Your objective is to destroy them at any cost using powerful weapons like Tesla towers.

Fun Flash Games

Fly Squirrel Fly 2 :Fly-Squirrel-Fly 2

Objective of the game is to earn higher points by launching the Squirrel as far as possible.

Firing Day :Firing-Day

If you think working in a factory is an easy job,, then try this game and find out yourself how it feels to work in a factory.

People on My Lawn :People-on-my-Lawn

In this great fun game you need to destroy humans who have landed in your lawn. Blast them back to earth.

Sheep Cannon :Sheep-Cannon

This is just like Flying Squirrel Game, the only difference is that now you launch a sheep instead of a squirrel.

Balloonator :Balloonator

Objective of the game is to pop as many balloons as you can. Each balloon has different properties and you need to play the game to find them out.

Zombie Flash Games

Infectonator :infectonator

This game is for people with destructive mind. Your objective is to turn more and more people into zombies and get the highest score by destroying and infecting the town.

Zombie Kill Adventure :zombie-kill-adventure

You control a sword wielding maniac who want go on a halloween zombie killing spree.

Zombie Zone Sniper Killer :Zombie zone sniper killer

This is a simple zombie shooting game in which you need to shoot the zombies as they come across your screen.

Zombie Assault 2 :zombie-assault-2

In this game you play a role of a member of the elite fighting unit. You need to destroy the army of the undead.

Devil House :devil-house

All your friends and relatives have turned into zombies and the infection is spreading very fast. You are the only one who can fight against them. You need to cure the infected people and also protect other people from getting infected.

Sonic Flash Games

Sonic :sonic

Objective of the game is to pass through the jungle as quickly as possible.

Super Sonic :supersonic

Main Objective of the game is to collect as many gold coins as you can.

Final Fantasy Sonic X2 :Final Fantasy Sonic X2

In this amazing sonic adventure game, Sonic along with his friends go to Hyrule for some new fun and thrill.

Sonic Xtreme :Sonic Xtreme

Your objective is to collect more and more gold coins without dieing.

Sonic Trip :Sonic Trip

It is a small Sonic game with decent game play.

RPG Flash Games

Exterminator :exterminator

You are an exterminator and your objective is to kill all insects.

Last Flower Defense :lastflowerdefense

You objective is to destroy all your enemies who are trying to destroy the last flowers left on earth.

NTCreature :ntcreature

Your Objective is to build and upgrade towers and destroy all your enemies.

Spectrum TD :spectrumtd

You are required to build strong defense system to protect yourself against bugs.

Tower of Doom :towerofdoom

Your objective is to build and upgrade towers and do not let humans destroy it.

Naruto Flash Games

Naruto Vs Gaara :naruto-vs-gaara

Your objective is to fight against Gaara of the sand.

Naruto Train :naruto-train

Help Naruto in his training.

Naruto Fire :naruto-fire

It is a simple naruto game in which you need to fire at your enemies.

Pain Vs Naruto :pain-vs-naruto

You are pain and you need to survive as long as possible by carefully protecting your head from naruto fireballs.

Naruto Bomb 3 : naruto-bomb-3

In this your objective is explode bricks using bombs and kill your opponent as fast as you can.

War Flash Games

Nob War The Elves :nob_war_the_elves

Nob war the elves takes you to the scenario where elves and humans fight each other. Your objective is to destroy you enemies and capture their castles.

Undercover Ops :undercover_ops

You need to sneak in to enemy base and take out your enemy without being detected.

Battlefield :battlefield

Your objective is to rescue all the scientists and hostages.

Western Blitzkrieg :western_blitzkrieg

In this games you are a soldier who needs to fight an entire group of criminals alone.

Furious Tank :furious_tank

In this game you are on a mission to kill the all the enemies who are trying to enter your country.

PSP Flash Games


This is a special version of Ping Pong made for PSP.

Diable PSP :Diablo PSP

This is a beta version of the classic Action game Diablo for PSP.

Avatar Labyrinth 2 :Avatar Labyrinth 2

Second Version of the game Avatar For PSP.

The Classroom :The Classroom

A PSP version of the popular Classroom trilogy by Luka.

Portable Fishing :Portable Fishing

For enjoying a great fishing experience on your PSP try this awesome game.

Cool Flash Games

Amazing Spider Man :amazing-spider-man

Your Objective is to collect all the Transformers T shirts.

Hulk Smash Up :hulk-smash-up

You are Hulk and your objective is to destroy all the buildings within the time limit. If military forces interfere in between you can destroy them.

Cave Man Run :caveman-run

You have a powerful weapon called stonezooka that will help you kill all the dinosaurs. You need to reach other side of the island where you can have get food without being eaten by the dinosaurs.

Naughty Classroom :naughty-classroom

Your Objective is to Click on objects in the classroom to make various events happen. Try to achieve combos by clicking on on two or more objects one after another.

Tom and Jerry Refridger Raiders :tom-and-jerry-in-refriger-raiders

This Game is based on one of the greatest cartoons Tom and Jerry. You are jerry and you need to steal food from Refrigerator without getting caught.

Pacman Flash Games

Pacman :pacman

This is a original form of famous pacman game.

Pacman Returns :pacman-returns

In this game player has to cipher the teaser before time is up to advance to the next level.

Anti -Pacman :anti-pacman

This game is opposite to what original Pacman is all about. Your objective is to kill Pacman before he eats every dot.

Pachuman :pachuman

In this game you are a human who is present in the pacman maze. Rest game is just like normal pacman.

Pacmans Snow Maze :pac man snow maze

Pacman has gained Ski’s and now the maze is frozed. You objective is to escape the maze and save pac man.

Sniper Flash Games

Chav Hunter :Chav_Hunter

Your mission is to assassinate as many chavs as possible and help in making the world a better place.

Foxy Sniper Pirate Shootout :Foxy_Sniper_3

Your objective is to kill the pirates who are not as good as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Sniper on High :Sniper_on_High

You have 60 seconds to locate and shoot the target.

Helicopter Sniper :Helicopter_Sniper

Your objective is to kill the people with the help of a sniper as you look over the road from the helicopter.

Sniper Assassin 3 :Sniper_Assassin_3

You need to kill all the people who are behind the murder of your wife.

Puzzle Flash Games

Diner Chef :Diner-Chef

Start your diner and cook many delicious cuisines to attract more and more people.

Pirates Vs Ninjas :Pirates-Vs-Ninjas

It is a physics based bombing action puzzle game in which you need to destroy your enemies using cannons and bombs.

Prizma Puzzle 3 :Prizma-Puzzle-3

It is the third part of the popular sci-fi flash game Prizma Puzzle.

Gravinaytor :Gravinaytor

You need to solve puzzles with gravity physics while jumping spikes and dodging bullets.

Rocket Science :Rocket-Science

It is an interesting game which lets you become a rocket scientist.

Scary Flash Games

Exmortis :exmortis

One of the scariest games to play online. The walls are painted with blood and body parts are scattered all over the floor. You need to make your way out.

Saw 4: Trapped :saw-4-trapped

You and your 2 friend are trapped inside a puzzle. Your objective is to save them before time runs out else one of them will die a horrible death.

Phantom Mansion II – The Black Sea :phantom-mansion-black-sea

Help Hector find the lost treasure of the Black Sea.

Phantom Mansion – Black Sanctum :phantom-mansion-black-sanctum

The final chapter of the Spectrum of Souls. Will Hector be able to release all the trapped souls.

Several Journeys of Reemus 2: All-knowing :several-journeys-of-reemus-2-all-knowing-parasite

With monsters and Death Slugs roaming the land, Reemus and Liam seek out the all-knowing parasite for answers.

Halo Flash Games

Halo Elite Translations :EliteTranslations

Elites in Halo speak backwards. With this program you can hear the originals and the translations.

Halo Flash: The Raid :the_raid

Your objective is to battle your way through the UNSC as a Rouge Spartan.

Halo Marines Soundboard

This is a fun music based halo game.

Flash Halo CTF :Flash-Halo-CTF

Your objective is to capture your enemy flag.

Halo 2 Sprite Battles :Halo_2_Sprite_Battles

Create your own battle situations with the help of Halo 2 sprites.

Adventure Flash Games

Egore the Hero :Egore-the-Hero

You need to help the Egore rescue his scientist from the aliens.

GoodGame Mafia :Goodgame-Mafia

Goodgame Mafia lets you live a life of a gangster in a big city.

The Dreamerz :The-Dreamerz

Your objective is to help dreamerz come out of their nightmares.

Deep Diver :Deep-Diver

Explore the depths of the ocean in this exploration and collection game.

Sonic Earth :Sonic-Earth

Sonic and Tails have crashed into earth and have transformed into humans.

Shooting Flash Games

Sift Heads World – Ultimatum :Sift-Heads-World-Ultimatum

Your team is being chased by the police. Your and yours team skills will be put to the test.

Blazing Assassin :Blazing-Assassin

Your objective is to shoot as many targets as you can to progress to the next level.

Gunfire Echoes :Gunfire-Echoes

Gunfire Echoes provides you an awesome 3d shooting experience. Your aim is to defend your towers and destroy all enemies using your defense system.

Sharp Trigger :Sharp-Trigger

Inspired by the Call of Duty, Sharp Trigger is an intense shooter game.

Zombies in da House :Zombies-in-da-House

Zombies have taken over the city. Your objective is to defend yourself till rescue arrives.

Helicopter Flash Games

Helly Yea Helly Yea :

Your objective is to guide your helicopter through different levels and destroy your enemies with your powerful bombs.

Military :Military

Try to make the helicopter reach the other side of the level by avoiding the the obstacles.

Heli Storm 2 :Heli Storm 2

Your objective is to fly the helicopter above your base and defend it against other tanks, jets and helicopters.

Tevlon 3D :Tevlon 3D

The objective of the game is to search and destroy enemy bases, boats and more.

Heli Strike :Heli Strike

Heli strike is a fast and real time 2d helicopter game where you have to fly in a number of highly dangerous missions.

Casino Flash Games

Black Jack :

In Black Jack, you directly play against the dealer. Your goal is to have a hand that is closer to 21 than the Dealer without exceeding it.

Mario Video Poker :Mario Video Poker

Your aim to elect a brand name and start the business and keep it running as long as possible.

Black Jack Elf :Black Jack Elf

This is just like Black Jack game, the only difference is that in this game dealer is an Elf.

Colosseum Black Jack :Colosseum Black Jack

Play casino black jack hit stand split double down and get insurance against dealer’s ace.

Solitaire :Solitaire

Almost everyone knows about this game. This game needs no introduction. Still for newbies who don’t know about this game. This game is all about arranging cards in order that is from ace to king.

Racing Flash Games

Motorcross Outlaw :Motorcross-Outlaw

In this game you need to choose your favorite dirt bike and perform various stunts.

Urban Stunts 2 :Urban-Stunts

Perform stunts to increase your experience level and become a pro stunts player.

Duck Life 2 :Duck-Life

You need to prepare your ducks for world duck racing championship.

CycloManiacs :CycloManiacs

Compete against players and computers to become the ultimate cycling champion.

Army Speeder :Army-Speeder

Your Goal is to catch the terrorists that try to infiltrate your network.

Board Flash Games

McCoy’s Darts :McCoys-Darts

You can play a single player game or compete against other online players in the world of darts.

Tomb Chess :Tomb-Chess

This is an more creative version of chess. Your objective is to clear the graveyard  of your opponents pieces.

SwitchBoard Game :Switchboard-Game

You objective is to click the bulbs or lights as they light up.

Koala Checkers :Koala-Checkers

Do you love to play checkers ? If yes then this game will make you love them even more. With improved graphics and sounds , you will love this game.

Blob Wars :Blob Wars

This is a great board game in which your objective is to make your blob jump over enemy blob in order to convert him into your blob.

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