Ubuntu Transformation Pack for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Transformation pack allows you to change the look and style of your operating system without actually installing new one. Transformation pack does pretty complex thing; it changes some Windows system files related to look and feel and pastes its own files to give an old operating system new look. While some pack just transform look and feel, some may offer additional functionality according to the operating system whose look user wants to apply.

Windows7 -Ubantu

Every other day, newer operating systems are being launched and it is very difficult to choose one from them as most of them offer their own specialty to user. There are users who love look and feel of some other operating system but are forced to use some different operating system due to compatibility issue or functionality. For such users, transformation pack is a nothing less than a gift.

Some of you, might be loving the look and style of Ubuntu operating system (One flavor of Linux) but cannot afford to lose Windows XP, Vista or 7, due to their stability and ease of use. Although Ubuntu is not about just the looks and style, it’s much more than what meets the eyes.But let’s not get into it, the point here is one can easily change look and feel of Windows operating systems (i.e. XP, Vista or 7) to Ubuntu’s look and style.


There are number of ways in which one can transform Windows look into Ubuntu’s, viz. using a theme or by using a transformation pack. Here are some links where one can find themes as well as transformation packs for Windows XP, Vista, 7 to transform the look and feel.

There are no additional requirements for installing the Ubuntu transformation pack or theme than enough of RAM and memory space. User has to download no additional software before installing the actual pack, so if some Ubuntu transformation pack is telling you to download some software before installing DO NOT use the pack.

Download Ubuntu transformation pack for Windows 7



Download Ubuntu transformation pack for Windows XP



Download Ubuntu transformation pack for Windows Vista


While Windows 7 shares almost same platform as XP, Vista users may face some issues while using transformation pack which is made for XP or 7. Windows 7 and XP users should not face any such issues as usually their software work well on cross platform.

Precautions to take before using Transformation Packs

  1. Try to use transformation pack which just changes look and feel rather than one introducing new features as some irreversible change may occur to your system files causing system not to work properly.
  2. Read all the instructions carefully as these steps may introduce some unwanted change to your computer.

Ubuntu Transformation Pack

If the care taken, one can enjoy different look and feel every other month without harassing one’s system.

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