All You Need to Know About Ultrasound Machines For Medical Facilities

All You Need to Know About Ultrasound Machines For Contemporary Medical Facilities
With the growth of medical science there is an equal and proportional increase in the high tech machines and equipment used. Scanners, ultrasound machines and other tool are quite common in hospitals and provide greater accuracy and efficiency in detecting ailments and anomalies with the human body.

Ultrasound scan, also known as sonography or ultrasonography is an advanced imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves to create digital images of internal body organs such as the stomach, liver, heart, joints, blood vessels etc.

ultrasound machines

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How does an Ultrasound Machine work?

Ultrasound is nothing but a range of frequencies of sound waves inaudible to humans because of their high frequencies. These sound waves are used to make ultrasonic images by sending pulses of ultrasound into the tissues using an external probe.

An operator captures the variations in frequencies as they bounce off the internal obstacles such as gallstones creating a digital picture.

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Now there are many types of ultrasound machine, some of which are discussed below:

Diagnostic ultrasound

according to MediLexicon’s medical dictionary is “the use of ultrasound to obtain images for diagnostic purposes, employing frequencies ranging from 1.6 to about 10 MHz”. These are basically typical sonographic machines with lower frequencies. And although they can penetrate deeper, the image quality is not very clear

Therapeutic ultrasound

according to MediLexicon’s medical dictionary is “high intensity ultrasound causing coagulation necrosis of tissue, used in treatment of some benign tumors, such as uterine leiomyomata.”  With comparatively higher frequencies, the therapeutic ultrasound machines produce better quality images but cannot penetrate deeper as the sound waves as often absorbed by the skin.

Different types of ultrasound machines

Portable ultrasound machine

light and easy to carry, these portable hand held ultrasound machines are compatible for small clinics or medical camps. You get faster diagnosis and treatment. Check out the portable ultrasound machines for sale here:

Home ultrasound machine

one can easily take ultrasound scans in the comfort of their homes. Personal ultrasound machines are affordable and very easy to control. Know more about how to pick the best ultrasound machines for home use:

Veterinary ultrasound machines

used in veterinary hospitals, these ultrasound scanners can evaluate the blockages inside your pet’s stomach or other internal organ. Cheap ultrasound machines for veterinary treatments:

3D ultrasound machine

used often in obstetric ultrasonography, it provides 3D images of the foetus. In the new 4D ultrasound machine, sound waves are sent at different angles to get a clearer image.More about 3D and 4D scanners:

Foetal ultrasound machine

made especially to track the foetal progress during pregnancy, this machine uses high tech probes and high frequency sound waves to get better images. Check out the many baby ultrasound machines:

How much does an Ultrasound Machine cost?

From sonography and monitoring the heart to detecting tumours, ultrasound machines have simplified diagnosis and medical treatments considerably and are an indispensable part of any hospital or clinic.

Usually the cost of ultrasound machine varies from $10,000 to $2,000,000; depending on how advance is the technology used.

The latest high tech ultrasound scanners fall in the range of $20,000 to $75,000. You can even get a used ultrasound machine at $5000 to $40,000 range.

Top 10 Ultrasound Machines in the Market

Listed below are the top 10 global ultrasound manufacturers, check out the features, size and storage capacity before you buy an ultrasound machine:

GE ultrasound machines

( ) a branch of General Electric Company is known for its top quality medical imaging and diagnosis solutions. This UK based company focuses on the development of advance medical imaging, monitoring and other high tech diagnostic methods. Machines such as GE Voluson 730, Logiq 400 and LOGIQ e are a rage in the market.

Sonosite ultrasound machine:

(sonosite ultrasound machine for sale: ) known for its compactness and portability, the Sonosite Titan is a pretty convenient device for getting high quality ultrasound scans. With the laptop like interface comprising of a LED monitor, split screen functionality, high storage and USB connectivity, this is an all-round machine.

Philips ultrasound machine

( ) a part of the Royal Philips Electronics, this US based company is a well-known brand among consumers. Venturing out into the field of medicine, Philips is now known for its smart and innovative sonographers, X rays and other digital imaging machines.

Siemens ultrasound machine

(  )This global medical and healthcare IT Company is famous for its revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of diagnosis and treatments. From radiology and cardiovascular treatments to digital imaging techniques, Siemens has been known to manufacture unique and efficient medical equipment.

Mindray ultrasound machines

recommended by users worldwide, the Mindray healthcare company is known for launching portable ultrasound machines, for instance the lightweight Mindray M5, with its 80 GB storage and one-touch interface is pretty useful for accurate scans

Hitachi Medical Corporation

( ) an established brand in the market, Hitachi has now ventured out onto developing medical imaging systems that include MRI scanners, diagnostic ultrasounds and x ray machines.


(check out this unique ultrasound machine: ) with its headquarters in US, this company is a leading manufacturer and developer of high tech medical equipment, especially digital diagnostic imaging solutions such as ultrasound machines, radiography, MRI and CT scanners etc.

Carestream Health

( ) offers unique dental and diagnostic imaging solutions that have simplified the complications involved in treatments considerably. The ultrasound machines, X ray and other scanners are of supreme quality know for providing accurate results and clear cut images.


With its advance and versatile features and user friendly interface, the SoundVision SV99 ultrasound machine offers sharp and accurate digital images, also the USB ports and high storage capacity make it a must have.


(used aloka machines here: ) the Aloka prosound 3500SX offers both 3D and 4D imaging services as well EFV technology for enhanced and clear cut pictures. This personal ultrasound machine can be connected to smartphones and laptops alike via the 2 USB ports.

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