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Word Puzzles today are one of the most favorite time pass for millions of people worldwide. They constantly kick their brains to solve the puzzle. It becomes annoying for people on their inability to solve those daily word puzzles that constantly appear in many popular dailies. The similar problems are faced by several school kids who need to solve these word and various anagram puzzles for their projects and assignments. All their efforts goes in vain if they are not able to find the solution to their problem even consulting the dictionary.

word unscrambler

Therefore, a word un-scrambler is the need of the hour and thankfully there has been several word un-scramblers have been developed by several developers worldwide. Some of these are open sourced but some are commercial. Word puzzles can become difficult at times. Today we will be giving a compiled list of some of the best word un-scramblers and that will help you in improving your word power and vocabulary.


This is one the world’s most popular online word un-scrambler. This useful program can help you solving your project and newspaper puzzles. The site offers several other services beside the word un-scrambler. There is a dictionary that will help you to get the appropriate meanings, synonyms and antonyms of several related words. Besides this there are rhymes and idioms that will help in your enlightenment. Besides, this there is crossword finder that can become sometimes useful in your puzzles with solution is just a few clicks away.

The site also maintains a forum where you can submit your puzzles and post messages regarding any word or phrase that you don’t know. It can also become a good place to express your views and opinions about some aspects of the site.

Anagram Solver:

This great program for all the anagram solvers. It is for those who are completely in love with the anagrams. If you have interests in them, then you know that how difficult it can get to solve or unscramble the letters to make the meaningful words. But this program has the constraint that it can only    solve only up to 9 letters only. You cannot solve more than 9 letters. The program delivers superb results and that too in the reasonable amount of time. All your results will get retrieved within a second. The site also has links to some of the good online word tools, puzzle de-scramblers and games.

Zach’s Word Unscramber:

The site claims to have maintaining a database of more than 130,000 words. You simply just need to enter the words in their proper order. The distinguishing feature of this program is the wild card substitution. You can only enter two wold cards in the form of asterisks (*). The search feature is simply ecstatic where you will be offered words along with several suggestions relating the placement of the correct order of the letters. All the results are displayed in red font on the black background that makes it easier to view and read. The site also has links to some good brain power boosting and memory games. For ex, if you enter ae* in the search box as the query, you will be suggested with several three lettered word like eat, ace, ate etc.

JHAX Homework Helper:

This program is specially designed for the school children who constantly requires dictionary to solve the anagrams for their home work and projects. All you have to do is to enter the desired word and press the look up button and you will be presented with the right words in no time.

Andy’s Anagram Solver:

This is a simple website that offers the word unscrambling in multiple language like English, French and Dutch. Simply enter the keywords in the search box and press the submit button to obtain your results. You can also limit your word content or limit your search results to particular number of letters.


This application is tailor made for all the word puzzles and games. Be it scrabble or any other game, you name it and you get it. All you have to do is to enter the scrambled words in the box and next press the ‘Anagram It’ button. All your results with all the possible best combination will be displayed instantly on the screen. The site also maintains a scoring system to keep a ranking of the resulted words. This can be useful in the scenario where we are looking for certain meaning words that are relevant to your query. The algorithm will generate the results keeping these factors into consideration. There is a video tutorial on the main site so that you can become fully aware of the functionality of the program.

Text Twist Unscrambler:

The is a fast program that displays its results in almost no time. Most complicated words combination and phrases are solved within few milliseconds. The results shows the best possible combination of the letter which are possible to obtain. The PHP page containing the source code is available just in case you are interested in viewing its source code.

Free Word Undescrambler :

This is a free program that is a favorite amongst those who need to find new words and letter combination. Its always better to have an offline software instead of looking up for the words online every time. You can play several other word games like anagrams, puzzles, crosswords and much more. The Users can submit their difficult puzzles and      anagrams on the official website of the software. The application requires a normal system installed with Windows 98 or above. You can download the software from the link given in the heading.

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